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Company Secretary Services in Spain

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How can a lawyer help me?


The team at Lexidy LegalTech Boutique can provide your company with a Non-Director Secretary to ensure compliance with Spain’s corporate laws. Typically, there is no specific training required for this role but a lawyer has a broad and deep knowledge of the legal landscape and can understand, consider and anticipate the host of the varying issues that arise during the day-to-day running of a business. They can ensure that governance requirements like due diligence are adhered to because they are impartial and independent, unlike company directors. We highly recommend that a Non-Director Secretary is executed by an independent lawyer that specializes in corporate law.

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What does a Company Secretary do?

All business enterprises in Spain, whether they are Limited Liability Companies or Public Companies, require a Company Secretary as part of having good and proper governance in place.

Typically, this is executed with by lawyer as the Board of Directors that acts as its Administrative body.

The Company Secretary will perform the following functions:

  • Draft the minutes of the meetings. These is usually formal meetings with the Board of Directors and the General Shareholders’ Meeting. 


  • Maintain and handle the documentation where the minutes are recorded as well as other important corporate documentation. 


  • Support the Chairman with the preparation of official meetings with the Board of Directors and General Shareholders’ Meeting and ensure that they are appropriately executed.


  • Advise the Directors and/or Partners on their rights and compliance with current legislation at all times.


  • Certify all corporate resolutions and notarize them.

What are the requirements?

There are no legal requirements for the person that occupies this role. However, every company with a board of directors must have a Company Secretary.


Here’s a general overview of how to appoint a Non-Director Secretary:

  • Call the General Meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Hold a vote for the Board to approve the appointment.
  • Register the result and file with the Commercial Registry.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Company Secretary is necessary when the Board of Directors formally meets to discuss and vote on corporate matters. These resolutions must be officially minuted by the Company Secretary, who signs the record along with the Chairman.

So, there must be a Company Secretary if there is a Board.

It depends on whether the person who’s appointed can perform both duties at the same time.

Most companies in Spain appoint a lawyer with deep expertise in corporate law to be a Non-Director Secretary.

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