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Mexico Digital Nomad Visa Legal Services

Get clear, personalized legal support for your Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico.

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The Mexico Digital Nomad Visa, officially termed the “Temporary Residence Visa for Non-Remunerated Activities,” provides a pathway for individuals looking to live in Mexico for six months to four years, with an option for Permanent Residency.

Tailored for remote workers, retirees, or those looking to reunite with family, this visa accommodates various lifestyles and working arrangements. This visa is an excellent option for those with stable income who want to enjoy remote work under the Mexican sun.

The Mexico Digital Nomad Visa is open to individuals of all nationalities, but it does come with specific financial requirements:

  • A consistent bank balance of at least $73,000 USD over the past twelve months; or
  • A monthly income of $4,300 USD for the past six months, plus an official letter from your current employer authorizing remote work. If you have dependents, you’ll need to add $1,500 USD per month for each dependent to this amount.
  • Alternatively, owning property in Mexico valued at a minimum of $500,000.

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To request a free consultation case, please provide us with your details below and we will contact you via email or phone.

How can a lawyer help me with the Digital Nomad Visa Mexico?

Get your Mexican Digital Nomad Visa with our partners’ expert legal team, dedicated to transparency, personalized service, and guaranteed results:

  1. Clear Eligibility Guidance: Cut through the complexity and get straightforward advice on visa requirements.
  2. Effective Preparation: Our partner’s local knowledge ensures your application is handled efficiently, without unnecessary fluff.
  3. Proactive Problem-Solving: Receive tailored legal support to address application challenges directly, offering solutions tailored to your unique situation.
  4. Solid Support in Appeals: Should the need arise, our partners are ready to advocate for you, aiming to secure the best possible outcome with clear, honest communication.
  5. Continuous Support: Benefit from responsiveness and commitment to your growth, as our partners guide you towards fulfilling your personal and professional goals.

Looking for a transparent, results-focused approach to obtaining your Mexican nomad visa? Reach out to our partner for a blend of local insight, teamwork, and dedication to your success. Let’s turn the dream of living and working in Mexico into a reality.

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Our partner in Mexico is formed by qualified legal experts who have been trained in the field of immigration law. Our partners work on these residency permit requests every day and their work goes beyond having a general interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

The processing time for a digital nomad visa in Mexico can differ, depending on document verification and the interview results at the visa appointment. While the visa could be issued on the same day, there might also be a waiting period of a few weeks. 

Once in Mexico, the timeframe to secure the temporary residence card, managed by the National Migration Institute, could take up to two months.

To start the process, you’ll need to pay a $52 interview fee at the Mexico Consulate when you apply for the visa.

Then, to secure the Mexico digital nomad visa, there’s a $310 fee that must be paid before your appointment with the National Migration Institute.

If you choose to hire an immigration lawyer for assistance, there will be an additional fee. At Lexidy, we specialize in obtaining the Digital Nomad Visa. Contact our lawyers today for a free case consultation.

The tax system for residents in Mexico is straightforward, with rates varying between 0% and 30%, depending on your specific situation and income. All purchases are subject to tax, usually included in the price.

Additionally, if you earn more than 51% of your income from outside Mexico, you’re exempt from local taxes to prevent double taxation. However, if half or more of your income comes from within Mexico, it’s advisable to consult a tax accountant to determine your exact tax obligations and explore your options.

Yes, this type of residence permit grants you permission to work in Mexico for a Mexican company.

The Mexico Digital Nomad Visa allows you to work in the country for a period ranging from six months up to four years. Once this period expires, you have the option to apply for a permanent residence visa to extend your stay.

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