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Lidiane de Carvalho

Head of the Immigration Department

“It’s more than just legal advice. We help clients who are immigrating to Portugal in a holistic way, providing full support prior to and after their arrival. From visas and residency permits to real estate agreements and dealing with overcoming bureaucracy, our goal is to deliver a smart and stress-free relocation for our clients.”

by Lidiane de Carvalho

Why move to Portugal ?

There are many reasons why so many foreigners decide to move to Portugal to improve their quality of life. As it is well known, Portugal is home to one of the best climates in Europe, and unlike many other countries on the continent, Portugal offers constantly clear skies and bright sunshine. 

Another well-known reason for choosing Portugal as a residence destination is the rich, healthy and varied gastronomy on offer. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most exquisite and healthy in the world. 

We cannot forget either the diversity that we can find in the country’s landscapes, from sun kissed beaches to snow-dusted mountain and verdant landscapes. Portugal offers a great variety of cultural and historical activities and, of course, a high quality of education. 

Five Steps for Relocation to Portugal

Most Popular Ways to Immigrate to Portugal

Passive Income Visa

This “Wealth Visa” allows the holder to live in Portugal if they can show sufficient financial means to maintain themselves and your family. We provide advice for Non-EU nationals seeking to live in Portugal without performing any economic activity. Let Lexidy obtain your Passive Income Visa.


This visa allows expats who are making financial investments in Portugal to obtain a residence permit. What makes this visa special is that the holder has the right to reside and travel in Europe, while only having to visit Portugal for one week per year to renew the visa. This permit is first issued for a 12 month period and is renewable for two-year periods. After five years of residence, the visa holder and their family members may apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Portuguese Nationality

Let our lawyers present their application for nationality in person at the registry offices in Portugal. Depending on your personal circumstances, Portuguese law requires you to have links with the community of the country. Check if you are eligible to apply for Portuguese nationality by residence or by family ties.

Speak to a Consultant

We provide legal guidance for your Portuguese residence permit application. Our lawyers will expertly guide you through the process. We can review your documents, provide any clarifications, and offer detailed advice and solutions. Speak to an expert immigration consultant at Lexidy today.

Business Activity​ Residence Permit

If you have a business idea and want to operate from Portugal, either as a self-employed worker or through a company, we are here to help you complete the process. We provide immigration advice to non-EU citizens to ease the work permit application process and establish an independent company. Find out more with Lexidy.

Permanent Residency​

Expats have the right to apply for Permanent Residence or Portuguese Citizenship after five continuous years of residence in Portugal.

EU Residency Certificate

With this certificate, you can enjoy almost all the rights granted to a national citizen. We provide immigration advice to EU citizens seeking to remain in Portugal for more than 90 days. Once this certificate has been issued, it is valid for five years as long as your personal circumstanced remain unchanged.

Resident card for EU Family Members

The EU Family Permit extends the rights of the EU citizen to your family members, irrespective of nationality. We provide immigration advice for Portuguese residence card and for family members of an EU citizen. This permit is valid for up to five years.

Obtain a Fiscal Identification Number

NIF is the tax identification number and is needed to perform acts in Portugal like registering taxes, establishing a business, opening a bank account and for most other documents. Save time and money by letting our lawyers obtain the Portuguese tax ID for you.

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Vasco Dias

Legal Trainee

Jonato Xavier

Head of Immigration Department

Lidiane Carvalho

Legal Trainee

Thabata Mota


Vasco Dias

Vasco was born and raised in Lisbon and graduated from the University of Coimbra, with a Master’s degree in Sports Management. During that period he had the opportunity to live in London and Genova. Since 2018 he is a member of the Portuguese Bar Association (OA) and as a Lawyer, he has worked with Sports Law, Immigration and Real Estate. Vasco considers working with international clients to be the best part of his job, allowing him to merge his professional abilities with his interest in distinct cultures and the specific needs of each client. He just moved to Barcelona.
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.

Legal Trainee

Jonato Xavier

Jonato Xavier is originaly from Timor-Leste and studied Law at the University of Porto, Portugal. He has been living in Portugal since 2017. Now he is working as a legal trainee in the Department of Immigration giving assistance and learning from the best. He is fond of classic literature. As he wants to pursue Public International Law, working with Lexidy is a great asset to his future academic path. Languages: Portuguese, English, Tetum, Spanish and Indonesian.

Head of Immigration Department

Lidiane Carvalho

Born in Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Law and Specialist in Environmental Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) she is a Master in Environmental Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and PhD candidate in Social Sciences from the University of Coimbra (UC). Researcher at Nova Law Green Lab at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Lawyer in Portugal with expertises in the areas of foreigners’ law, direct Portuguese nationality and real estate law. She is fond of traveling and a great colleague to be around. Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Legal Trainee

Thabata Mota

Thabata is originally from São Paulo, Brazil. She is studying Law at University of Lisbon and she has been living in Lisbon since 2018. She works in the Immigration Department as a legal trainee. She was working mainly with Customer Journey which allowed her to realize the importance of the clients experience in parallel of the legal aspect. Moreover, she is passionate about immigration law, human rights and anthropology. Languages: Portuguese, English and French

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