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Get a NIF Number in Portugal

Fast and transparent service for obtaining a foreign tax ID number in Portugal.  The ID, known as a NIF, will enable the holder to enjoy living, working or studying in Portugal without any barriers.

Our team of Immigration lawyers in Portugal can guide and support you through the process of obtaining a NIF in Portugal. This is a tax ID number for foreigners and ex-pats who are living, working or studying in Portugal.

How can a lawyer obtain my NIF Number in Portugal?

The Immigration team at Lexidy can help anyone moving or investing in Portgual. Our legal experts do this by assessing the documentation, unlocking procedures and can even act on your behalf through Power of Attorney.

Lexidy clients receive a smooth, quick, and safe experience that sets them up for success. One of the most difficult tasks for ex-pats relocating to Portugal is that they don’t have a NIF, which makes it challenging to create a bank account, sign a cell phone agreement or even get TV/Internet. By contacting Lexidy first, our team will guide you and ensure that your journey to Portugal goes without a hitch.

¨We will be with you each step of the journey.¨


What is a Portuguese NIF Number?

A NIF, or Número de Identificação Fiscal, is a Portuguese tax ID number. It’s nine figures long and everybody in Portugal has one. It’s a unique number that links an individual with the Portuguese Tax Authorities and is even printed on the ID cards.

By having a NIF, people are registered with the Portuguese Tax offices database. It also serves to notify the authorities if the individual leaves the country, which avoids future taxation problems.

The tax identification number, abbreviated as NIF, is intended for processing tax and customs information for basically every financial transaction in Portugal.

The request for a Tax ID Number is a service that allows for the registration of a citizen or resident in national territory. The individual is added to the Tax Administration database and allows them to be identified for tax purposes.

Why is a NIF important?

The NIF is mandatory not only for individuals but also for legal entities. Therefore, everyone who has rights and duties related to tax activities needs this document. This includes children as it is required to register with schools.

Having a NIF is necessary for many activities. For example, it’s needed to open a bank account, purchase real estate, agree a lease, work and receive income, access universal healthcare and obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

How to obtain a NIF in Portugal

A NIF can be obtained by either visiting the tax authorities in person or online by accessing the e-balcão website. The process is different for non-residents and residents. 


For non-residents: For those not physically present in Portugal, they can get a temporary NIF by appointing a Portuguese Lawyer and granting them Power of Attorney. This can later be replaced with a permanent NIF when the applicant is in Portugal.


For residents: If the applicant is already in the country, they can visit the local tax office, which is called “Finanças”, or “Loja do cidadão” and is essentially a citizen advice bureau. Businesses can obtain a NIF online, however, the website is in Portuguese.

The team of Immigration lawyers at Lexidy LegalTech Boutique can help you by collecting the proper documentation on your behalf, reviewing the submission papers, tracking the progress of the application and even acting as a translator. Lexidy can be the bridge between the applicant and the immigration officials to intercept issues before they emerge.

Those already in Portugal only need a valid Identity Card and proof of their address. If the applicant is a non-EU Resident, they also must appoint a tax representative. The tax representative must have a Portuguese registered address.

What's the process of getting a NIF in Portugal

1. Drafting of the Power of Attorney, which takes one day

2. Signing the Power of Attorney before a Public Notary, which also takes one day

3. Stamp the Power of Attorney if signed abroad. This takes between two days and two weeks depending on the country

4. Return to the Power of Attorney to our offices. This step takes between two days and a week, depending on the country

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the assigned number is unique and definitive.

If the NIF request is made by Tax Authorities Portal, it will be sent via digital format (pdf). If requested in person, a form is issued.

No, a NIF is free.

The Tax Authority, abbreviated as AT, is a State organization and belongs to the Ministry of Finance. They administer taxes, customs duties and other taxes attributed to it.

The taxpayer has a period of 60 daysvto appoint the tax representative.

Any natural or legal person with tax residency or head office in Portugal may be appointed as a tax representative.


We are a department formed by qualified legal experts who have been trained in the field of immigration law. We work on these requests every day and it’s our passion. For us, Lexidy is a way of life and what excites us the most is to be able to deliver the happiness and satisfaction of a successful immigration process. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams.


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