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There are times companies and individuals find themselves in need of Litigation services. Our Litigation experts represent companies and individuals in defense of their rights in the civil, commercial, and bankruptcy areas.

When do you need Litigation Services?

Situations arise when companies and individuals need Litigation services. Whether due to bankruptcy, debt claims, all sorts of corporate disputes, or other issues having a Litigation lawyer on your side can save you both time and money. Our English-speaking Litigation lawyers work with clients to manage, mitigate and advise on problems based in Spain for all scenarios and situations. 

Lexidy LegalTech Boutique makes the law simple so our clients don’t get lost in translation.

The first step is understanding your circumstances and needs. That’s it – Lexidy does the rest.

We are Litigation experts who speak your language

Our English-speaking lawyers know the Litigation landscape and won’t shy away from a tough matter. They do thorough investigations on the case at hand and use out-of-the-box thinking to understand your case from all legal angles and develop a solution. They monitor legislative legal and regulatory changes relevant to Litigation to resolve your disputes. We have unparalleled knowledge of compliant and acceptable ways to resolve your disputes and have the resources to dedicate ourselves fully to your case.

For You or your Business

  • Legal notices in case someone owes you money (Debts) 
  • Negotiation of payment of a debt in case needed.
  • Lawsuits for amounts owed and in case of breach of contracts.
  • Corporate disputes – Between minor & major shareholders, shareholders and decisions of the board, shareholders, and members of the board, and between shareholders and the company in case of separation
  • Commercial arbitration – When companies in conflict or disagreement submit their resolution to the decision of the arbitration court. Definitively resolving conflicts through a neutral and rapid procedure with the same legal effect as a court ruling.
  • Inheritance claims. 
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in Spain. 
  • Defense of the insolvent party.
  • Defense of the creditor. 

Claim procedures for unpaid rent or eviction for amounts over 30,000EUR

Unfair competition claims

Claims for rights

Damage claims

Unfair Enrichment claims

Litigation for the acquisition of real estate assets

Acquisition of assets disputes

Search for funds in litigation financing: Labour law, criminal, tax, and administrative proceedings, proceedings involving sums of less than 30,000EUR

Jorge Grases

Jorge Grases

Head of Litigation and Bankruptcy 

Lexidy’s legal team across Europe will analyze your unique matter to counsel you on the best way to proceed. For some, it’s negotiating settlements outside of court for speedier results. For others, this may mean filing a lawsuit.

Our Litigation experts will spell out your situation in a way you can understand and advise you on the best course of action. We will help you put your best foot forward and ensure to alleviate your burdens through litigation in the best possible way. 

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