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Immigration Department

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Éla tóra

(¨Come now¨ in Greek )

Eleftheria Charalambous

Eleftheria Charalambous

Head of the Immigration Department

Our aim is to get to know our clients’ individual requirements to ensure we provide a personalised service which is in line with their goals. Get in touch with us and our legal team will provide you with all necessary information.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their business strategies and providing outstanding legal services around the world.

Why move to Greece ?

There are many reasons why so many foreigners decide to move to Greece to improve their quality of life. As it is well known, Greece is home to one of the best climates in Europe, and unlike many other countries on the continent, Greece offers constantly clear skies and bright sunshine. 

Another well-known reason for choosing Greece as a residence destination is the rich, healthy and varied gastronomy on offer. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most exquisite and healthy in the world. 

We cannot forget either the diversity that we can find in the country’s landscapes, from sun kissed beaches to snow-dusted mountain and verdant landscapes. Greece offers a great variety of cultural and historical activities and, of course, a high quality of education. 

Five Steps for Relocation to Greece

Why move to Greece?

Breath-taking landscape, excellent weather conditions, easiness of communication in English, hospitality and a vast variety of places to visit.

The country offers a unique combination of tradition, history and fashion, transportation is easy and the cost of living is lower than in most countries of the western world.

As a member of the EU, Greece offers its residents high levels of security and safety, excellent education and healthcare.

Large, diverse and visually stunning, Greece has it all: outstanding year-round weather, affordable accommodation, delicious food, friendly locals and amazing history.

Immigration Services

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa for Greece is one of the most popular investment visa programs in the EU. It is a residence-by-investment visa, issued to non-EU citizens who invest in real estate in Greece. It is exceptionally competitive as it offers the lowest cost option for residency in Europe by granting a five-year residence permit in return for a real estate investment of a minimum value of 250,000 Euros.

Financially Independent Person

This visa program is an excellent choice for retirees, pensioners, business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to spend 6 months or more per year in Greece.

Special purpose residence permit for members of boards of directors, share-holders, managers, legal representatives and senior managing officers of greek companies as well as subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies

Especially for the non-EU citizens, who face specific problems and barriers with the immigration restrictions of their access to the European Union countries, there is a very good solution that provides work and residence permits for the executives, administrators (directors), or board members of a branch of a foreign limited liability company located in Greece or of a Greek subsidiary company.


We can provide assistance and all information British citizens moving to or living in Greece need to know, including guidance on residency, passports,healthcare and driving.

Digital Nomad

Greece is one of the first countries to become a digital innovation destination. Greece is a leading country in promoting the facilitation of citizens who wish to stay and work on new technologies offering comparative advantages including a very high rate of digital transformation. Non-EU citizens who are self- employed, freelancers or employees, who work remotely with employers or clients who are located outside Greece may apply for a Digital Nomad Visa allowing them to live in Greece.  

Experience a New Life in a Great Place!

Work with
English-speaking immigration Lawyers in Greece:

Our aim is to get to know our clients’ individual requirements to ensure we provide a personalised service which is in line with their goals. Get in touch with us and our legal team will provide you with all necessary information.

Your Immigration Lawyers in Greece

Our lawyers understand that a global workforce requires timely solutions to immigration matters. 

We combine our detailed knowledge of local regulatory provisions with the reach of our law firms in Greece, Spain and Portugal to successfully manage our client’s cross – border issues wherever they arise.

Eleftheria Charalambous

Eleftheria Charalambous

Immigration Lawyer

Elena Varotsi

Office Manager in Greece

What clients say about us

Lexidy Legal Tech
Based on 4 reviews
Stephanie Bratnick
Stephanie Bratnick
13:28 05 Sep 22
I can't recommend Lexidy enough. They made our move to Greece incredibly smooth and went up and beyond their regular legal duties to help my family. They new all the ins and outs of the Greek immigration, and the whole process went flawlessly all due to their expertise. Thank you so much! And we will definitely use their services for many years to come.
Julians Mjankovs
Julians Mjankovs
10:34 30 Aug 22
Greek AFM number was a very easy process. I get a paper signed by me and authorities for a permit to act on my behalf. Send the pic to my Lawyer and after a few days I just receive the number and online credentials. All interactions, besides the paper were online, can't get easier than that. All thanks to Eleftheria Charalambous.
Kenneth Shen
Kenneth Shen
00:32 24 Aug 22
If you’re looking for knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely supportive lawyers on your side - look no further. Lexidy and Eleftheria made my process of applying for residency smooth and easy. It’s hard to imagine working with someone with more professionalism and knowledge of the subject than the team at Lexidy.
Rossy Rojas
Rossy Rojas
12:28 23 Mar 22
Max is the best and Lexidy LegalTech Boutique solved our immigration process with great aplomb. we were very lucky!
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