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Payroll & Labour Department

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Labour Department - Spain
Isabel Sánchez

Isabel Sánchez

Head of the Labour Department

Once you have the vehicle, it is fundamental to focus on developing the labour relationships as they are the key ingredient of the business’s success.

In order to confront these new challenges, it is always exciting to advise the client in ensuring that the labour law is no longer a constraint but, above all, an opportunity to protect its interests.

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English-Speaking Payroll Professionals in Spain:

Our international team of payroll experts deliver cross-border payments and international employment guidance to any sector, whether they work with employees, freelancers or private clients. You can leave complex issues like employment advice, labour contracts, payroll and social security matters to us. Give yourself the space to focus on what really matters and be more efficient.

Labour Services


We draft, revise and negotiate employment contracts from the simplest to the most complex, in English and Spanish.

We provide counsel on the application of collective bargaining agreements.

We advise on the various regulations that govern labour law, health and safety and data privacy and protection.

We assist with the swift and effective termination of an employment agreement


We file monthly Social Security contributions for your employees.

We obtain the “Contribution Code” that’s required from Spanish administration to hire employees.

We register employees and their employment contract with Social Security.

We advise and calculate the Social Security costs to companies and freelancers.

We register companies and self-employed workers with the Social Security.

We liaise with Spanish administration officials and complaints on your behalf.


We deliver your employees payslips with a detailed breakdown of their contributions.

We prepare the liquidation of the severance pay and settlement at the end of the employment agreement.

We perform salary simulations to help inform your hiring strategy.


We prepare employment handbooks so your company understands policies and procedures

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the collective agreement applicable to your company 

We are here to advise on dismissals that are legally effective.

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Isabel Sánchez

Isabel Sánchez

Payroll Specialist
Andrea Rubio

Andrea Rubio

Payroll Specialist
Sara Rinaldi

Sara Rinaldi

Legal Trainee
Emma Cervera

Emma Cervera Moyano

Labour Specialist

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