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Corporate Lawyers in Greece

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Corporate English Speaking Lawyers in Greece

Our team of corporate English Speaking Lawyers will assist you from the beginning by providing the appropriate business plan in order to achieve 100% of your initial business scope, by setting up the right form of business. We can also prepare all the required internal operational agreements, as well as to manage the whole process of mergers and acquisitions, but also by representing the clients as best as possible at various levels of their business interests.


Eleni Maderaki


Onassis once said that: “In order to succeed in business, you must make others see things as you see them.” So, here we are, to assist you from the beginning in your business venture but also to provide new ideas and guidance, which will broaden your business horizons and at the same time will reduce any risks in Greece.

How can we help you ?

Corporate Services in Greece

We can assist our clients in selecting the most relevant company structure to meet their needs in order to set-up companies (offshore companies, subsidiaries branches,joint ventures and so on). Our services range from drafting  of a company’s Articles of Association and shareholders’ private agreements, to issuing and obtaining tax registration numbers for overseas founders/shareholders and completing the necessary procedure for the opening of bank accounts.

We also assist our business clients registered abroad to connect with the Greek economy by establishing a subsidiary, a branch or a representation office in Greece. We further offer tax consultancy services in order for the incorporation of the company to be profitable upon its establishment.

Shipping companies under L. 89: We can assist you with the establishment of a branch/office in Greece of a maritime company already registered offshore, that is willing to operate in Greece as charterer, shipbroker or manager of vessels. This special company format is really a good catch in its field because it grants special taxation benefits that differentiates from the overall business tax imposed on the other legal entities in Greece. We can assist you with initially opening the offshore company, applying to the relevant Ministry for the branch’s establishment, as well as, following all obligations in relation to its proper operation (bank guarantee, minimum income declarations and so on).

Incorporation of subsidiary: Subsidiary is a secondary establishment to that of the parent company. However, the subsidiary usually has a high level of independence. This is because it has no corporate links with the parent company. This occurs because the subsidiary has its own management and control bodies, in addition to its own capital. It’s a different legal personality meaning that it can conduct different activities and that is totally liable for its activities. We are here to inform you which option suits your needs best!

Establishment of a branch: Branch is an extension of the same business in another country. The branch carries out the same activities as the parent company and it doesn’t have its own legal personality. It has the same legal and accounting identity and is not independent from the parent company. That’s why the parent company is liable for all obligations and activities of its branch. We are here to assist you in finding the best option for your company’s operation.

Employer Of Record (EOR) Services: Are you willing to test the Greek market’s profitability without being actually established as a company in Greece, avoiding the extra operational costs? EOR is the solution! Hire your employees in Greece, by registering them through the EOR procedure and let us arrange the registration, social insurance contributions towards the state, employees’ law regulation and payroll procedure to hire and onboard workers in Greece efficiently.

Our tax expertise members of the corporate department offer issuance of Greek ID number services to our clients willing to operate in Greece, for all persons involved in the potential corporate structure.

Furthermore, in order for a company to be operational in Greece, by registering a branch or by establishing of a subsidiary company, there is a prerequisite of the issuance of Greek Tax ID number and we can assist you with the appointment of tax representatives, in order for the Greek Tax ID number to be granted and be valid.

The actual financial position and legal situation of a company is one of the biggest challenges that a potential investor may face. Especially now that a large volume of investments is concentrated in Greece, the team of Lexidy can conduct a thorough due diligence investigation on behalf of our clients, which includes the detailed diagnosis, examination, research, analysis and review of all those elements of the company, which are deemed as necessary. We are able to offer our assistance in case of the entrance of new investors, in companies’ acquisitions and mergers, as well as in cases that one of the partners or shareholders wishes to conduct a detailed audit in the participating company.

We prepare and successfully negotiate on a wide range of contractual relationships for business clients, including asset and stock purchase agreements, distribution and licensing agreements, stockholders’ agreements, lease agreements, franchising agreements, and strategic alliances or joint ventures.

We offer comprehensive services, ranging from the opening of corporate and personal bank accounts qualifying holding acquisitions and banking M&A and compliance application services, to traditional banking, financing and restructuring of loans services.


Among our clients areGreek and foreign commercial companies and investors, as well as private equity funds, hedge funds, strategic buyers, borrowers and issuers of securities.

A trademark is a sign that distinguishes one brand from another. Trademarks can be words, logos, devices or other distinctive features – or a combination of these. The trademark registration process takes from 3 to 10 months to complete if no oppositions are filed against your application and we are here to assist you with the pre-examination of availability ,the filing and eventually its publication.

Voluntarily striking off or closing a company in Greece, for whatever reason, can be daunting if you are unaware of the potential steps or pitfalls involved. That is why we strongly encourage our clients to get early legal advice to avoid a later headache.  Our Corporate Lawyers will guide through the process to have your company liquidated cleanly without leaving a trail of civil and/or possibly criminal liabilities behind you.

Debt collection services:


Collecting overdue debts without legal help can be a very time-consuming, stressful and frustrating process. The day-to-day running of your business should be your focus, not chasing debtors. Lexidy can help you reclaim the money you are owed – efficiently, legally, and conveniently.

Labour Department - Spain

Why to Open Business in Greece?

Greece is one of the countries that is currently receiving a huge inflow of investments, because it currently managed to incorporate significant changes both in the stage of the establishment of new companies as well as in the acceleration of internal business procedures.

Thus, a new special form of limited liability company has been established, named “Private Corporation” (IKE), which is really easy to incorporate, having a minimum capital requirement of EUR 1.

However, apart from the establishment of companies, almost every other transaction that an entrepreneur and companies have to accomplish, can be smoothly done by using electronic means ,from requesting corporate documentations from the relevant Chamber of Commerce, to registering a partner or an administrator to the National Insurance Organization. This whole-new process facilitates its users, being more attractive and less time-consuming. 


Therefore, here we are, available to assist you 24/7 with your business plans!

About the department

Our corporate department consists of fastidious and young lawyers with an international background, who have gained the experience in handling complicated corporate, commercial and tax issues, through a global perspective, with our main focus being the  Greek business market. Our services vary from the establishment of a new venture, to the legal assistance on any matter arising in relation to the actual operation of the company, by providing a full background check of the type of the company which fits the client’s needs as well as taxation advisory services.

Furthermore, we can support all the internal procedures that need to be completed among shareholders, the administrators, and further assist with the execution of all banking formalities, in order for a bank account to be opened.

Our corporate and commercial team is pleased to have the opportunity to serve diverse client needs on the relative issues of each matter arising in the corporate field.

Our Achievements

  • We acted on behalf of an international investment fund in order to complete the whole investment procedure in Greece and specifically in Mykonos, through the incorporation t of a Food & Beverages company and the establishment of a hotel and operation of villas, by incorporating the whole group of companies acting as operators.

  • We represented a company from Germany, which acquired a large percentage of one of the largest industrial companies having a global footprint.

  • We represented a group of companies to conclude their merger plan  in the most efficient and less tax-burdensome way

  • We assisted a leading global provider of travel sim cards and e-sim solutions with the establishment of its Greek subsidiary.

Eleftheria Charalambous

Eleftheria Charalambous

Lawyer, Head of Athens Office
Eleni Maderaki

Eleni Maderaki

Head of Corporate Department Athens
Maria Balaoura

Maria Balaoura


Our Clients

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Lexidy Legal Tech
Based on 13 reviews
Aditya Swarup
Aditya Swarup
18:35 06 Oct 23
Beat all expectations! We worked with Maria and she was phenomenal! She was able to clearly explain a very complex process and helped us meet a tight deadline in record time.10/10 would recommend!
02:50 07 Aug 23
I used Lexidy in Athens via email correspondence. The experiece was excellent and every detail was looked after as if I was in person in Athens. I highly recommend them for your legal needs.
Janett Riebe
Janett Riebe
12:18 04 Aug 23
Our experience with Maria and Eleni was immaculate. Responsive and personable communication, every detail simply and beautifully explained, and we felt completely untouched by the complexity of all immigration and legal processes thanks to their support. The speed and ease they brought to our residency and tax processes exceeded all expectations.
Tala Re
Tala Re
06:41 03 Aug 23
I worked with Eleni Maderaki, she helped me with opening an bank account. It was a very good experience. I’m happy that I worked with them.
zaneta freyer
zaneta freyer
13:20 30 May 23
With Lexidy Law Boutique I had a very nice experience. Eleni Maderaki is very competent but at the same time practical. She is service minded and interested in customs needs. Lexidy Law Boutique meets my Norwegian standards!
Daniel Matcham
Daniel Matcham
08:27 12 May 23
Eleni has been exceptional every step of the way! She guided me through the formation of my company in Greece (as a foreigner), set the up tax number, opened me a bank account, set up civil liability insurance and more. I would recommend her to anyone!
beyouta myriam
beyouta myriam
08:28 22 Feb 23
Very nice experience.We feel that we do not know how to begin with such as many procedures to establish a new company. Lexidy Law Boutique giving us all facilities and clarification.Assistance highly appreciated step by step.They answered to all our questions and didn't leave any doubts to succeed, very responsive rate through all channels, phone ,emails.Thank you Lexidy, you made my dream a reality.I recommend very much.Bonne continuation !
Rosa Akbari
Rosa Akbari
16:07 10 Jan 23
Lexidy staff were speedy, straightforward, and reassuring. No hesitation to recommend to anyone needing help navigating residency bureaucracy.
Julians Mjankovs
Julians Mjankovs
08:10 21 Nov 22
I got everything I needed. Big thanks to Eleftheria and Maria for help! You just ask what you need, and they'll figure out how you can get it.
Natasha Halicki
Natasha Halicki
09:51 09 Nov 22
Genuinely welcoming and friendly! As well as very knowledgeable, professional and have great integrity. We hit a few bumps in my visa process but I was supported the whole way through and didn't give up and I was finally successful in my application thanks to their hard work going above and beyond. I wouldn't have been able to do it alone and I would certainly use Lexidy again.
Stephanie Bratnick
Stephanie Bratnick
13:28 05 Sep 22
I can't recommend Lexidy enough. They made our move to Greece incredibly smooth and went up and beyond their regular legal duties to help my family. They new all the ins and outs of the Greek immigration, and the whole process went flawlessly all due to their expertise. Thank you so much! And we will definitely use their services for many years to come.
Kenneth Shen
Kenneth Shen
00:32 24 Aug 22
If you’re looking for knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely supportive lawyers on your side - look no further. Lexidy and Eleftheria made my process of applying for residency smooth and easy. It’s hard to imagine working with someone with more professionalism and knowledge of the subject than the team at Lexidy.
Rossy Rojas
Rossy Rojas
12:28 23 Mar 22
Max is the best and Lexidy LegalTech Boutique solved our immigration process with great aplomb. we were very lucky!

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