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Purchasing a property in Greece

Simple and straightforward expert advice on how to buy real estate in Greece

So you’re considering a Greek real estate investment?

Buying property in Greece is a dream for many but it’s a journey with many obstacles and hurdles to overcome. That’s why we are here. Our team of dynamic and experienced real estate lawyers will advise and guide you towards making the right investment decision in Greece.

Greece is at the crossroads of many cultures and has varied geography with coastal real estate competing for buyers against city apartments and even mountain chalets. Such a diverse array of property has seen demand for Greek real estate surge in the past two years.

Our real estate lawyers will help you acquire the real estate you’re looking for and ensure that you don’t get lost in translation on the adventure. 

How can a lawyer help me?

From the moment you have decided to invest in Greece, you are on a journey of discovery and excitement. But there are many factors that overseas buyers might be unaware of or struggle to understand. 

If you have identified the property you’d like to buy, it’s essential to check that the property is mortgage-free and that all the documentation is correct and in order. This includes purchase or sale contracts, mortgages from recognized financial institutions to ensure that there are no surprises, receipts for payments to Greek municipalities and no outstanding litigation or arbitration on the property.

At Lexidy, our team of Real Estate lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of procedures and services related to investing in property. 

As a first step, we recommend appointing the right legal advice before considering a purchase in Greece.

Make sure your property purchase is risk-free with us and let us help you with all the necessary documentation. We will also use our network of partners and relationships across notaries, engineers, architects and real estate agents to ensure you invest in the right property at the right price.

¨We will be with you each step of the journey.¨


The main requirement is to obtain a Greek Tax Registration Number (“AFM”). A prospective investor can do this either as a tax foreigner or as a Greek tax resident. This number is unique to each individual and is essential for conducting any transaction throughout the country. 

The Tax Registration Number appears on a certificate you will receive after registering your personal details with the Greek Tax Authority. This number must be presented to the Notary Public when signing the final deed.

Unlike other European markets, property investors do not need to have a Greek bank account. However, it makes many related transactions and bureaucratic processes much simpler to navigate. It’s also easier and more convenient when making payments and transfers.

Our Greek Real Estate lawyers can assist you in the process of obtaining a Tax Registration Number as well as setting up a Greek bank account.

What is the process of purchasing a property?

Leading Immigration

Most transactions follow the process below:

1. Tax and Budget Planning

Taxes and fees are mostly paid by the buyer and vary from region to region. They typically include the following:

    • Property transfer tax of 3% for an existing property and Value Added Tax (VAT) of 24% in order to purchase a new building directly from a builder,
    • Notary costs from 0.8% of the purchase price, title deed tax and land registration fee of 0.475% of the purchase price
    • Legal fees of around 1% to 2%, inclusive of VAT

2. Obtain a Greek Tax Registration Number

Register with the Greek Tax Authority to collect this number.

3. Search for properties in Greece

Our Real Estate lawyers can help you identify the right property for you and ensure that you use trustworthy search portals.

4. Perform legal checks on the property

Understand the property’s situation, such as mortgages or ongoing litigation procesdures

5. Letter of Intent

Our lawyers will draft a “Letter of Intent” for purchasing a property and guide you through the reservation agreement. We will also assist in any subsequent negotiations before signing a deal.

6. Payment of fees

Settle any applicable Property Transfer Taxes or VAT, and update the Land Registry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and there are only two requirements

  • have a Greek tax Registration Number and
  • prove the ability to transfer the specific amount to buy the property

Greece encourages overseas investment in both residential and non-residential real estate. For example, investors can apply for a Golden Visa if they spend €250,000 or more on any real estate.

All property owners in Greece must pay two different taxes annually.

Residents and Non- residents are subject to Income Tax and Real Estate Tax.

Yes. If you invest €250,000 or more in Greek real estate, you can apply for residency with a Golden Visa. Our lawyers can assist you with this type of residency and you can read more about this here.

You must pay a 3% property transfer tax for an existing property and a Value Added Tax (VAT) (24%) to purchase a new building directly from a builder. In all cases, you will need to pay for a Notary’s and Lawyer’s fees.


We are a department formed by qualified legal experts who have been trained in the field of real estate law. We work on these requests every day and it’s our passion. For us, Lexidy is a way of life and what excites us the most is to be able to deliver the happiness and satisfaction of a successful real estate process. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Eleftheria Charalambous

Eleftheria Charalambous

Immigration Lawyer

Elena Varotsi

Office Manager in Greece


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Stephanie Bratnick
Stephanie Bratnick
13:28 05 Sep 22
I can't recommend Lexidy enough. They made our move to Greece incredibly smooth and went up and beyond their regular legal duties to help my family. They new all the ins and outs of the Greek immigration, and the whole process went flawlessly all due to their expertise. Thank you so much! And we will definitely use their services for many years to come.
Julians Mjankovs
Julians Mjankovs
10:34 30 Aug 22
Greek AFM number was a very easy process. I get a paper signed by me and authorities for a permit to act on my behalf. Send the pic to my Lawyer and after a few days I just receive the number and online credentials. All interactions, besides the paper were online, can't get easier than that. All thanks to Eleftheria Charalambous.
Kenneth Shen
Kenneth Shen
00:32 24 Aug 22
If you’re looking for knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely supportive lawyers on your side - look no further. Lexidy and Eleftheria made my process of applying for residency smooth and easy. It’s hard to imagine working with someone with more professionalism and knowledge of the subject than the team at Lexidy.
Rossy Rojas
Rossy Rojas
12:28 23 Mar 22
Max is the best and Lexidy LegalTech Boutique solved our immigration process with great aplomb. we were very lucky!
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