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Labour Court Procedures in Spain

International employers and employees in Spain often hire our Lexidy experts when the threat of labour court looms large.

Going it on your own in court if you are not fluent in Spanish and legalese is a recipe for disaster.

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Working with our multilingual Lexidy labour law experts will help you to fully understand the process, and to effectively communicate your case if needed. People often find the Spanish legal system complex and challenging to navigate. Having an experienced lawyer from the Spanish legal system offers the peace of mind that your representation throughout the proceedings knows what is expected and possible at all times. This increases your chances of a favourable outcome.

What is the Labour Court in Spain?

In Spain, the Labor Court (Juzgado de lo Social) is responsible for resolving conflicts related to employment contracts, work conditions, and disputes between employers and employees. The Labor Court system consists of multiple levels of courts, starting from the first instance courts to higher courts, including the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Court.

It is important to note that the Labor Court proceedings in Spain can be time-consuming and costly, and it is always advised to seek legal advice and representation if you find yourself in this situation. 

Additionally, there are certain deadlines and requirements that must be met when filing a claim, and failure to comply with these can result in dismissal of the case.

The Labor Court proceedings in Spain generally begin with the submission of a claim by the plaintiff, which could be either the employee or the employer. The claim should include the details of the dispute, evidence, and the compensation amount sought. 


The defendant, or opposing party, is then given an opportunity to respond to the claim.


Once the claim and the response are received, the Labor Court will schedule a hearing. During the hearing, both parties will present their arguments and evidence. The judge may also question the parties and witnesses to clarify the facts of the case.


After the hearing, the Labor Court will issue a verdict, which can range in judgement from employee reinstatement to compensation for damages, or even the specific performance of an employment contract. 


Often, we help the plaintiffs and defendants reach a settlement agreement on their own before or during the proceedings, which can then be approved by the Labor Court.

Our labour court specialists can assist you with all the needed services prior to, during, and after a labour court proceeding in Spain. 

These services include handling lawsuits for disciplinary dismissal, objective dismissal, verbal dismissal, holidays, professional classification and pay differences and challenging sanctions. 

Our most requested Labour Court Services are:

  • Wage claims
      • We defend your interests in case of non-payment of wages before the labour courts
  • Quantity claims
    • We assist employers or employees to claim the amount owed from a period of legally-established time. 
  • Lawsuits for reduction of working hours
    • If you wish to reduce your working hours for personal or family reasons, Lexidy will manage the entire labour procedure in the event of a conflict with the company


Labour court proceedings can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for those who are already dealing with the challenges of living and working in a foreign country. 

Hiring a lawyer can help alleviate some of this stress by handling the legal aspects of the case, allowing you to get back to your life in peace.

Working with our team of Lexidy legal experts during your labour court proceedings in Spain will support you with the guidance and representation you need to navigate the legal system effectively and achieve a positive outcome. Fill in the below form with the information of your circumstances, and the team will reach out in a day or two.

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Greg Curie-DuPont
Greg Curie-DuPont
16:28 09 Jan 23
we've been dealing with Lexidy for few years now and happy to endorse them for their efficiency in handling and sorting any issue that may have arised. in particular, Isabel Sanchez who assisted us in sorting a rather difficult issue related to social security. Many thanks Isabel!!!
Rick Kleinhans
Rick Kleinhans
13:03 27 Apr 22
Lexidy has been a lifesaver. The entire team has helped us so much on different matters both personal and corporate. Isabel in correcting an error by a previous accountant that was costing us an extra €1000 every month in social security payments! Jose with various matters and tax advice. Diego in helping us get documents notarized in Valencia even though he is based in Madrid. I cannot recommend them enough!

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