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Get an Italy Investment Visa

Our immigration lawyers in Italy will help you get an Investment Visa in one of Europe’s most attractive countries. You decide on which asset you want to invest in and we’ll handle the application!

Your Options For an Investment Visa


Invested in an innovative startup


Invested in an Italian company


Invested in a philanthropic cause


Investment in Italian Bonds

This residence permit by investment offers ex-pats many advantages. This is the fastest and most attractive residence visa in Italy.

You can apply at the embassy in your home country. Every single legal question and Italian residency issues you have can be handled quickly and professionally by our lawyers.

What is the Italy Investment Visa?

The Italy Investment Visa, also called the Italian Golden Visa is a residency granted to non-EU citizens by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development provided they invest in strategic assets that will have benefits to the future development of Italy. 

The applicant must invest at least €250,000 in an Italy-based startup, invest €500,000 in an Italian company, donate €1,000,000 to an Italian philanthropic cause or invest €2,000,000 in government bonds.

Our FAQ can help you if you have any additional questions.

How do I get an Italian Golden Visa Visa in Italy?

The way to apply for the Italian Golden Visa from your country of origin is with the local Consulate. This will grant you a two-year residence visa and you can extend this after arriving in Italy if needed. 

The investor must be able to invest between €250,000 and €2,000,000 in Italy. They must also provide proof that they have accommodation and enough funds to support their lifestyle and family’s, if necessary.

Italian Investment Visa Application Process

General Process

1. Make an investment

The journey starts with selecting the best investment for you. This can be a €250,000 investment in a local startup or buying €2,000,000 of Italian government bonds. We recommend opening a bank account in Italy to make this process easier and our team of lawyers can open an account for you on your behalf with Power of Attorney.

2. Gather the paperwork

For this step, you need to collect all of the important documents. This includes bank records, criminal record background checks and proof of accommodation, among others. All these documents must be translated into Italian and formally legalized. The translation must be performed by a sworn translator.

3. Investment Visa application

You can file your application online. After around 30 days, you’ll be invited to download the “Nulla Osta”, which is a form that allows the Italian government to issue the visa. This document must be show to the local Immigration Police department when applying.You then have six months to arrange a visa appointment at the Consualte to get the visa. After arriving in Italy, you will have a visa that’s valid for two years. 

Shortly after landing in Italy, you must visit the “Questura”, which is a local police station, and request the “Permesso di Soggiorno”.

You then need to request permanent residence with the Italian town hall called “Ufficio Anagrafe”. After this, you receive a physical card for the “Permesso di Soggiorno”.

What Documentation do I Need to Have?

The Italian Investment Visa program has one qualifying criteria, which is to make an investment in Italy. To qualify for the visa, applicants must show documentation of their investments in a variety of asset classes.

Innovative startup investment:

Proof that the funds have been transferred to the startup from the bank. You will also need provide proof that you’re authorized to invest.

Investment in an Italian company:

Proof of the transfer of funds to the company from the bank. Also, you will need proof that you’re authorized to invest and a notary will need to certify the purchase of the shares.

Investment in a philanthropic cause:

It depends on the type of organization but typically you will need a bank statement showing proof of payment and a letter from the philantrophic cause confirming your donation.

Buy Italian government bonds:

You must show proof of the bond purchase from the broker or financial institution.

To apply for an Investment Visa, the applicant must provide all of this documentation before it is submitted to immigration authorities.

  • A completed application form for the visa
  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages
  • Proof the applicant can support their lifestyle and their family. This is at least €6,085.43 annually for the main applicant
  • A clean criminal record
  • An electronic signature that’s recognized by the EU’s authorities
  • A CV or resume showing your experience and education

What’s the timeline for the Visa?

The timeline differs depending on whether you apply for from Italy or your country of residence.

Applying From your country residence:

  • Understand what’s needed: one day
  • Collect and prepare the documents: one to two weeks
  • File the request: one day
  • Decision for the request: 30 days
  • If approved, download and file the “Nulla Osta”: one day
  • Schedule Consulate Visa Appointment: Usually 30 to 45 days but can be as long as three months. However, there is a six-month limit for requesting the Visa after filling the “Nulla Osta”
  • Receive Visa to enter Italy: 15 to 30 days 

How can a lawyer help with the Italian Investment Visa?

Our lawyers can speed up the procedure in applying for an Investment Visa or residence authorization. We have detailed information about the process and places that work fastest. 

We can take care of the necessary forms on your behalf and review the documentation to see if they meet the requirements for this investor visa. 

Lexidy’s attorneys will assess the quality of your proposed investment to ensure that you have the correct asset in Italy for your Italian residency. We will perform a thorough due diligence on the company, entity or initiative that attracts you. 

We can also advise on how to bring your family members with you when relocating to Italy.

Our partnerships with health insurance companies, juror translators or international schools will make life more enjoyable for first-time visitors in Italy. We offer full assistance to those who want help speaking Spanish, English, Greek, French and Italian. 

¨We will be with you each step of the journey.¨



We are a department formed by qualified legal experts who have been trained in the field of immigration law. We work on these residency permit requests every day. It’s our passion. 

For us, Lexidy is a way of life and what excites us the most is to be able to deliver the happiness and satisfaction of a successful immigration process. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams, whether it’s residence in Spain or simply an investment.

Giancarlo Ostetto

Giancarlo Ostetto

Lawyer, Head of Milan Office
Alessia Peschiera

Alessia Peschiera


Marta Mascheroni

Immigration Consultant


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Italy does not have a Visa program for those who buy Real Estate in the territory. You can search for established Italian companies that own Real Estate assets and invest in one of those companies. If you prefer to invest in real estate, you can apply for an Investment Visa in Spain, Portugal and Greece by speaking with one of our lawyers.

No, when you request an Investment Visa you can only invest in one Italian Company or Innovative Startup. 

The only scenario where you can invest in different entities is when you donate resources for the same project, which involves more than one entity. This usually occurs when investing in public interest projects.

Yes, Italy allows investments from legal entities. The only conditions for this to be accepted is that you are the Legal Representative of the company and that you hold the power to execute investment on its behalf.

Italy accepts other resources of investment as long as they are convertible in a FIAT currency within 90 days. Real estate and stocks of non-quoted companies are not accepted as means of investment, even when there is a buying agreement in place.

Yes, as long as you provide proof that you can support your family’s lifestyle the entire duration of the Visa. The amount charges every year. It starts at a minimum of €6,085.43 a year for the main applicant and is then €3,042.70 for every other applicant.

Yes, the Investment Visa allows you to work in Italy as an employee and/or as a freelancer. The process requires getting a “Permesso di Soggiorno” and this can be converted into a work permit if you provide the required paperwork. The “Permesso di Soggiorno” must be renewed after two years.

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