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Become a Digital Nomad in Greece

Work with the ultimate freedom by taking your job to the next level and working remotely in Greece

Are you wondering where you can work as a Digital Nomad? If so, Greece is a great place to live and work remotely for an overseas employer, as a freelancer or being self-employed. Whether Greece is familiar territory and you’re no stranger to its legal system or if this is the start of a new adventure, Lexidy LegalTech Boutique is here to guide you towards success.

How can a lawyer help me?

Our team of immigration legal experts are here to ensure that you don’t get tied up in bureaucracy, or worse, lost in translation. Having a lawyer who is a seasoned expert in immigration procedures will accelerate the process and ensure that you arrive in your new home in a positive mindset without stress or hassle. While Digital Nomad Visas simplify the existing process, they are still a little tricky for those unfamiliar with Greek culture and the legal system. 

We will review all the documentation and advise whether a Digital Nomad visa, or another permit, is the right choice for you. Where necessary, we’ll arrange for documents to be certified and translated and we will work with the consular authorities in your home country to kick start the process. We will also liaise with Greece’s Ministry of Immigration to prepare the application for submissions and accompany you when filing the paperwork. Finally, we will track the progress of your application, overcome any hiccups during its approval and collect the visa once its ready.

¨We will be with you each step of the journey.¨


How to relocate to Greece?

Greece has long been a destination for ex-pats who want to swap their day-to-day reality for incomparably good weather, cuisine and rich history. Unlike most attractive climates, Greece has the advantage of a strong legal system and is fully integrated into the European Union, which allows for visa-free travel throughout the continent and access to the EU’s business friendly single market.

Greece is leading the way in Europe when it comes to embracing digital nomads and remote work. Greece launched its Digital Nomad visa in September 2021 to allow non-EU citizens who are freelancers to legally work and live in the country. The new visa provided a simple route for entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers and self-employed people to enjoy the opportunity to live and work on the Greek mainland or any one of its 227 inhabited islands

The main requirements are that the applicant doesn’t work for a company that’s already registered within Greece and can do their existing work remotely.

The Immigration Process

Leading Immigration

For Digital Nomads exploring opportunities in Greece, the journey usually starts in their home country and proceeds as follows:

  1. Digital Nomad Visa

The applicant must appear in person at the Greek Consular Authority of their home country or country of residence and apply for the Digital Nomad Visa. You can do this in-person, by email or via post.

This visa is issued within 10 days of submitting the application and gives the holder the right to reside in Greece a year.

  1. Digital Nomad Residence Permit

Once the applicant is legally residing in Greece, they can then apply for a residence permit. This is issued for two years and the applicant must provide their biometric data.

Once filed, the applicant will receive confirmation of their submission and this is called the “blue certificate”. This automatically grants the applicant the right to enter and exit Greece as well as reside in the country until the final card is issued.

The residence permit card is usually delivered within one to two months from the day of application.

What are the requirements?

While Greece is an open and welcoming country, there are specific requirements for its various permits and visas. Therefore Digital Nomad must meet the following requirements to qualify for this type of work and residence permit. 

  • The applicant must be a non-EU citizen
  • They cannot work for a Greek company
  • Their work must be performed remotely with a laptop and internet connection
  • They must have sufficient financial means to support themselves. This €3,500 a month for the applicant and this increases by 20% if there’s a spouse or partner during them plus a further 15% for each child.

If the applicant is self-employed, they must confirm what their business activity is and the business address outside of Greece. For freelancers, the company or client must be based outside of Greece.

What documents are required?

To apply for the Digital Nomad visa, the applicant must have the documentation that’s required for both the Digital Nomad visa and the Type D visa, which are as follows:

  1. Copies of the applicant’s passport
  2. Two passport photos
  3. An employment agreement indicating your net salary and any other supporting documentation of a passive income.
  4. Evidence of accommodation in Greece
  5. Valid medical and travel insurance
  6. A declaration that you have no intention of working for a Greek company.

If the applicant is accompanied by their family, they will also require:

  1. A marriage certificate that’s translated into Greek and certified
  2. A birth certificate for each children that’s translated into Greek and certified


We are a department formed by qualified legal experts who have been trained in the field of immigration law. We work on these requests every day and it’s our passion. For us, Lexidy is a way of life and what excites us the most is to be able to deliver the happiness and satisfaction of a successful immigration process. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Eleftheria Charalambous

Eleftheria Charalambous

Immigration Lawyer

Elena Varotsi

Office Manager in Greece


Lexidy Legal Tech
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Stephanie Bratnick
Stephanie Bratnick
13:28 05 Sep 22
I can't recommend Lexidy enough. They made our move to Greece incredibly smooth and went up and beyond their regular legal duties to help my family. They new all the ins and outs of the Greek immigration, and the whole process went flawlessly all due to their expertise. Thank you so much! And we will definitely use their services for many years to come.
Julians Mjankovs
Julians Mjankovs
10:34 30 Aug 22
Greek AFM number was a very easy process. I get a paper signed by me and authorities for a permit to act on my behalf. Send the pic to my Lawyer and after a few days I just receive the number and online credentials. All interactions, besides the paper were online, can't get easier than that. All thanks to Eleftheria Charalambous.
Kenneth Shen
Kenneth Shen
00:32 24 Aug 22
If you’re looking for knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely supportive lawyers on your side - look no further. Lexidy and Eleftheria made my process of applying for residency smooth and easy. It’s hard to imagine working with someone with more professionalism and knowledge of the subject than the team at Lexidy.
Rossy Rojas
Rossy Rojas
12:28 23 Mar 22
Max is the best and Lexidy LegalTech Boutique solved our immigration process with great aplomb. we were very lucky!
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