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Get a Social Security Number in Spain

The social security Number identifies the spanish citizen in his relations with the Social Security Administration.

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Why social security number is important?

The Social Security Number is transformed into an Affiliation Number when the person starts a work activity that determines inclusion in the Social Security System. 

In Spain, it is mandatory for both Spanish citizens and expats with work visas to enroll and contribute to the social security system. Social security payments in Spain can be higher than other countries, however these contributions offer access to significant benefits such as free healthcare and retirement benefits. 

Characteristics of affiliation:

  • It is mandatory for persons included in the system for the purposes of rights and obligations.
  • It is unique and general for all the regimes of the system.
  • It covers the entire life of the persons included in the system.
  • It is exclusive.

How to obtain a Social Security Number in Spain?

Any citizen, employee or self-employed person who does not have a social security number may apply for a social security number.

It can be processed by the TA1 form, signed by the interested party and must be accompanied by: 

– The person’s National Identity Card
– If the person is a citizen of a non-EU country, they must provide their Foreigner’s Card or Passport.

It can be processed in two ways:

In person: You can present your application and all the requested documentation to the General Treasury at the Social Security Office, or to the  Administration of your domicile or company, depending on the case.

Online: You can present  your application by accessing, with a digital certificate, the E-Office service “Assignment of Social Security affiliation number”.

It must be applied for prior to applying for membership and registration or applying for any benefit or service.

Social Security Services for you!

In addition to helping with proceedings at the Social Security Inspectorate, the Lexidy Legal Team typically assists companies on social security matters like:

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Greg Curie-DuPont
Greg Curie-DuPont
16:28 09 Jan 23
we've been dealing with Lexidy for few years now and happy to endorse them for their efficiency in handling and sorting any issue that may have arised. in particular, Isabel Sanchez who assisted us in sorting a rather difficult issue related to social security. Many thanks Isabel!!!
Rick Kleinhans
Rick Kleinhans
13:03 27 Apr 22
Lexidy has been a lifesaver. The entire team has helped us so much on different matters both personal and corporate. Isabel in correcting an error by a previous accountant that was costing us an extra €1000 every month in social security payments! Jose with various matters and tax advice. Diego in helping us get documents notarized in Valencia even though he is based in Madrid. I cannot recommend them enough!

Don’t try to go through the Social Security process on your own. Seek the help of an experienced labour lawyer to increase your chances of success and make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number it does not change and it is not related to a card, it is different to get the public health card which is already related to your social security number.

We always try to get the Digital Certificate which allows citizens to handle a lot of procedures online the easiest way possible. Now that Covid regulations have been set up, it is much easier to have access online to any type of administrative procedures.

You can consult it on the e-Office, using the Duplicate Affiliation Document Service

  • Via SMS, if you have previously provided the Social Security General Treasury with your mobile telephone number. In this case, after requesting a code that you will receive by SMS, you can obtain, print and/or consult the duplicate showing your Social Security affiliation number immediately, and download it.
  • Username + Password (permanent Cl@ve)
  • With digital certificate

Finally, you can also find your Social Security affiliation number by going to any Social Security Office where they will give you the number and a duplicate affiliation document.

No. The health system uses the Social Security affiliation number to issue the health card and to register the right to receive health benefits in each of the Autonomous Communities responsible for health care.

Yes. Individuals who, fulfilling the requirements referred to in the following sections, find themselves in any of the following situations shall have the status of beneficiary of an insured individual:

  • Being the spouse of the insured individual or living with them in a relationship analogous to the conjugal relationship, constituting a common-law partnership.
  • Being the ex-spouse, or being legally separated, in both cases being the responsibility of the insured individual on account of being entitled to receive maintenance.
  • Being a descendent, or an equivalent individual, of the insured individual or their spouse, or their ex-spouse, even if they are legally separated, or their unmarried partner, in both cases being the responsibility of the insured individual and less than 26 years of age or, in the event of being over that age, having a recognised disability of 65% or more.
  • The following individuals shall be considered to be equivalent to descendents:
  • Descendents and equivalent individuals shall be deemed to be the responsibility of an insured individual if they live with and depend financially on that individual.
    • Minors under the legal guardianship or foster care of an insured individual, their spouse, even if they are are legally separated, or their unmarried partner, or their dependent ex-spouse, where, in this last case, the guardianship or foster care occurred before the divorce or annulment of the marriage.
    • Brothers and sisters of the insured person.
  • Descendents and equivalent individuals shall be deemed to be the responsibility of an insured individual if they live with and depend financially on that individual. For these purposes, the following must be taken into account:
    • Unemancipated minors shall always be considered to be the responsibility of the insured individual.
    • Cases of separation on account of work, studies or like circumstances shall be regarded as living with the insured individual. 
    • Individuals of legal age and emancipated minors shall be deemed not to depend on the insured individual financially if they have an annual income of more than double the amount of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income (IPREM), also calculated annually.

To facilitate this procedure, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) has just extended the ways to do it electronically through “Your Social Security portal” and allows access to this service through a representative with a digital certificate or cl@ve, which simplifies and facilitates access to this procedure at any time, from any device with an internet connection.

Employers and workers included in the General Scheme who carry out their activity on the employee’s behalf.

Beginning and End of the Obligation to make contributions

The obligation to make contributions begins when work starts and does not end while the employment relationship between the employer and the worker continues. It also continues during temporary disability, risk during pregnancy, risk during breastfeeding, maternity and paternity leave and trial periods for workers.

The obligation to make contributions ends when employment ends, provided that the worker’s employment termination letter is filed within the following 3 calendar days.

If the worker’s Social Security termination is presented after the 3 day deadline, the obligation to pay contributions continues until such time as the Social Security General Treasury receives notice of the end of employment, unless the interested parties can justify that this took place at an earlier date.

Employment history reports may be obtained, including from abroad, as follows:

  1. It can be requested digitally in the following ways:
    1. Via SMS, if you have previously provided the Social Security General Treasury with your mobile telephone number. In this case, after requesting a code which you will receive via SMS, you can obtain, print and/or consult your employment history instantly on your own computer.
    2. You will not need a digital certificate for this option:
      • In this case your Social Security Number, DNI and address must coincide with those held on the Social Security database so that the report can be sent to your place of residence in Spain as registered in our database.
      • After you make your request, you will be sent a message to the email address you provided, informing you of the request status.
      • 24 hours after receiving this email, you will be able to find out the status of your application through the “Consult report application status” service.
    3. Username & Password (with a Permanent Cl@ve)
      •  You must have an active user account and a current password. To activate your user account and generate a password you will need to obtain an Activation Code in person at any Cl@ve Registry Office and you will be able to obtain, print and/or consult your employment history report at the same time as making your request, using your own computer.
    4. If you have a digital certificate, you access and obtain your Social Security status directly online.

No, it is only required when you are going to start as an employee to a company and your employer has to register your commencement of the activity.

For any issue related to the Social Security healthcare card, you must go to the health care clinic or primary health care centre assigned to you by the relevant body responsible for providing health care in your Autonomous Community.

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