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An infringement of intellectual property rights occurs when original works and creations are used, reproduced, or distributed without the proper consent of their owners. This infringement generates both economic and cultural damage to their owners and to society as a whole.


Spanish Civil and Criminal codes protect intellectual property by establishing different proceedings and sanctions to be imposed upon whoever uses assets without the owner’s consent. This type of lawsuit must be filed by a lawyer. 


At Lexidy, our GDPR and IP registration services go far to protect our clients’ rights. Whether it’s before Spain’s Patent and Trademark Office, the EU’s Intellectual Property Office or the World Intellectual Property Office, we also assist with filing lawsuits when necessary and before the relevant court.

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What is a Intellectual and Industrial Property?

Intellectual Property, or IP, refers to intangible assets that are owned by a person or a company. They grant the owner the right to prevent third parties from using them without their consent. A great range of assets can benefit from protecting their IP rights. This includes artistic and literary work, known as Intellectual Property, to designs and trademarks, referred to as Industrial Property. 


Companies generally show a special interest in protecting these because they not only preserve the product or service that the company offers, but they also protect its reputation and good name by using a trademark to brand the scope of their activity.


In a fast-paced world where new competitors appear every day, it is very important to differentiate one company’s product or service from others. Industrial property assets leave an unmistakable and memorable mark in the minds of customers that encourages them to return to consume the products again and again. These types of IP assets also increase commercial value as they can enhance a business by giving it a more serious and professional image.


Protecting products and services with IP rights guarantees that competitors and others are not able to use the registered branding, whether identical or similar, without the owner’s consent.


A company must also consider the protection of their customer’s data as soon as they start trading, especially in certain situations, for example when trading via a website. It is essential to have the client’s consent to process their data in order to avoid legal issues down the line.

What is data protection?

Data protection refers to the fundamental practices, safeguards and principles put in place to protect your personal information and ensure that you remain in control of it. It is regulated with the aim to ensure and safeguard the public freedoms and essential rights of people and, in particular, honour their personal and family privacy.


At Lexidy LegalTech Boutique we can help protect clients from data protection claims by drafting legal documents that notify the data subject of the processing of personal data following their consent.

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