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Go Borderless With Global Employee Mobility

Given the vast opportunities for talent growth and business expansion that employee relocation can unlock, there’s never been a better time to make this strategic move.

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Take advantage of Global Mobility growth

At Lexidy, we understand that the world is more interconnected than ever, with businesses increasingly operating on a global scale. This means that global mobility – the process of relocating employees or entire businesses across borders – is becoming a vital aspect of modern business operations. Our expertise and services are designed to make this process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Whether your company is a multinational corporation or a startup seeking to expand its horizons, our team of expert lawyers and consultants is here to guide you every step of the way. From employee relocation to navigating complex immigration procedures, we ensure that your business’s transition is smooth, compliant, and beneficial for both you and your employees.

When you partner with Lexidy, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business – while we take care of the rest. Let us help you go borderless with Lexidy Global Mobility.

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When you want to transfer employees from a company outside of Spain to your branch in Spain, we can help you with any and all the immigration procedures your employees will need to go through.
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A company's ability to relocate employees is a huge advantage

Global Mobility is the name of the new department that we have created in Lexidy to help companies and their employees in international mobility matters. 

European and non-European Union job relocation is becoming an everyday occurance. Employees want to explore new places to live and are seeking out relocation voluntarily, in addition to being relocated for business interests and projects. For this reason, we have integrated a talented team of lawyers who are experts specifically in the area of legal relocation.

They are able to lend a hand to help with relocation challenges such as:

  • Labour
  • Tax 
  • Social Security 
  • Immigration

Let´s Mobilize Your Employees

Get the 360° coverage Lexidy is known for to help relocate your employees. When you know nothing will fall through the cracks, you can rest assured your employees can work efficiently, no matter their distance.

Explore Borderless Relocation

Our team of experts at Lexidy will be happy to help you with all the bureaucratic and tax procedures, so that relocations are quick and cost-effective. It’s a modern, streamlined way to reduce all the middlemen and time spent sourcing, informing and tracking multiple companies down to just one easy solution.

Lexidy Legal Tech
Based on 92 reviews
Ryan R
Ryan R
12:47 17 Aug 22
Lexidy has helped us so much in both the business and immigration side. We continue to use them for all legal needs and recommend them highly.
Caleb Wibbenmeyer
Caleb Wibbenmeyer
16:20 11 Sep 21
One stop shop for all things related to visas in Portugal (and taxes, etc). Great for digital nomads, retiree's or anyone interested in becoming an Portuguese expat. Looking forward to working more with Lexidy.
Ashwin Shirale
Ashwin Shirale
16:26 30 Jul 21
Belissa Cunha at Lexidy Portugal has been very professional, courteous, supportive and responsive in helping me secure a visa. The list of documents recommended was pretty exhaustive and was accepted without issues by the Portuguese consulate. My visa was approved by SEF in 9 business days. Without hesitation, I would recommend Belissa Cunha and Lexidy Portugal for a stress free and smooth visa process.
Konsensus Network
Konsensus Network
15:58 14 Jul 21
I have been using Lexidy for my personal and business needs and so far everything has been better than expected. Highly recommended.
monica Maia
monica Maia
10:29 27 May 21
I have really enjoyed working with Barbara and Ana at Lexidy Law Boutique they have been so professional and exceedingly helpful, they really have giving me such great advise as I started my new venture in opening my own company, I would recommend their services.
Christian Nielsen
Christian Nielsen
19:37 04 May 21
Indeed very helpful and knowledgeable. Barbara was excellent providing support every step of the way.Highly recommended.
William Burrell
William Burrell
10:52 24 Aug 20
A very smoothe and painless experience. We are only a small business however I feel we were treated with respect and timely concideration. Thankyou for making this otherwise daunting task so easy. I look forward to dealing again with you very soon.Many thanksW. Burrell
Lynne Veenstra
Lynne Veenstra
14:37 19 Aug 20
From the very first contact with Carolina we had friendly ,professional service. Our business was concluded in a very speedy manner, I would certainly recommend Carolina, and all the team at Lexidy for their help, and experience with immigration matters. keep up the good work.

We feel great pride when we help our clients with their dream of internationalizing their operations, from the moment we incorporate the company to keeping it fully operational. Many opportunities are hidden within Spain, and our mission is to help you explore new ventures in our country.

Lexidy´s Global Employee Mobility Takes Care Of Employee Relocation Bureaucratic Procedures

We know that these procedures can be a headache for companies that are not familiar with Spanish regulations. Our legal experts will guide you through the needed procedures of the country in question, and keep you in the loop on the important stuff. 

Plan for relocation: what's included

  • Registration
  • Special Agreements
  • S1 Request
  • Coverage Certificate 
  • Advice on Retirement
  • Worklife report
  • Payroll preparation
  • Consultation
  • Posting Communication 
  • Secondment Scenario Advice
  • Mobility Protocols
  • Contract Drafting 
  • Expatriation 
  • Risk Prevention Report
  • Analysis of applicable legislation
  • Preparation of Tax forms
  • Tax Implication 
  • Tax Equalizations calculation 
  • Communication with Tax Authority 
  • Visa support
    • Inter-company Transfer Permit
    • Highly Qualified Permit
    • Digital Nomad Permit 
  • Residence card for family members
  • Bank account opening 
  • Company formation 
  • Obtaining VAT number 
  • Obtaining Digital Certificate 
  • Consultations

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