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Immigration Law brings together complexity and opportunity in a world that’s increasingly connected but unexpectedly disrupted. As lawyers, we are here to advise, assist and help thousands of people globally achieve their goal to move to another country, whether it’s to live, work or study. Our mission is to solve the process and bring richness to your life, social and professional goals. This work gives us immense personal satisfaction and gives us the necessary strength to continue growing and improving, everyday, while ensuring that the highest quality of service is provided to our clients.

The EU Blue Card

As a non-EU citizen, you can enjoy almost the same rights as a French national with this residence document. It’s available to those seeking to enter and remain in France for up to three years if they are working. We provide advice to non-EU citizens who wish to work in France in the medium-term.

Long-Stay Visa

For many embarking on life in France, a long-stay visa is their first port of call. We work with applicants to provide immigration officials the right documentation, such as birth certificates, proof of residence and employment contracts, in the right way. Our team knows the formalities behind obtaining verified and sworn translations that immigration officials need.

Carte de Resident

The “Wealth Visa” allows you to live in Spain if you have sufficient financial means to maintain yourself and your family. We provide advice for Non-EU nationals who wish to live in Spain without performing any economic activity. Get a Non-Lucrative Visa with Lexidy.

Work with English-speaking immigration Lawyers in France:

Moving to a new country is a positive choice that means your life will never be the same again. Our dynamic team of immigration lawyers will support and deliver for you in all matters of residency, work and visas – with an efficient mentality to save you time and effort.

Why move to France

France is known by people the world over. Its incredible architecture, world class cuisine, rich history and places to live. You can make a home in Paris and marvel at the culture and terrace scene throughout the City of Light. There’s the snow-capped mountain ranges with some of the world’s best pistes and apres ski on offer. If cities and alpine climes are not for you, then there’s the Cote d’azur and the mediterranean. 

France is the most-visited country on Earth because there’s so much to see, do, eat and drink. Its cooking has found a home in countries the world over but you can enjoy the real thing everyday. 

It would be remiss to ignore its diversity and spectacular landscapes. From the Alps and Pyrennes to historic beaches of Normandy and sophisticated party scene of the south. All around is the joie d´vivre and time for the finer things in life. France offers more than just wine, champagne and gastronomy. There’s a high standard of living, rule of law, leading high-speed rail infrastructure and world class education.

Immigration services in France

Carte de Sejour

This is a residence permit that allows you to live in France if you already hold a long-stay visa. We provide advice for non-EU nationals who want to live in France after visiting the country. Get your Carte de Sejour with Lexidy.

Carte de Resident

If you are the spouse of a child of a French citizen, you can reside in France by applying for a Carte de Resident. This residence permit is also available to ex-pats retiring in France and to the parents of French-born children. 

Permanent Residence

A temporary resident can convert their status to a permanent resident in France if they have lived in the country for five continuous years. You can also apply for this permit if you make an investment, such as a real estate purchase, in France. Our lawyers will advise on how to navigate the five-year requirements as well as how to make the smartest investment for residence.

French Citizenship

For many, France becomes their life and identity and French law allows permanent residence to do just that. If you have permanently resided in France for five years, we can help you become a French national. Contact us to understand if you are eligible for French citizenship by residency or other means.

About Our Immigration Department

Our department is stocked with dedicated and highly-qualified legal experts who have been trained to understand and navigate the complex world of immigration law. Everyday we work with new and existing clients to turn their hopes and dreams into something that they can hold. It’s real and it’s our passion. We view Lexidy as a way of life and there’s nothing more thrilling than the satisfaction of delivering what truly matters to people – results. In our world, results are happiness, reunions and adventure with a successful immigration process. Let us help you achieve your goals and dreams now.

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