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Tax Department – Greece

Tax Department

Trusted & efficient partners for international tax enquiries!

to logariasmós, parakaló!

(¨The bill, please!¨ in Greek )

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English Speaking Tax Lawyers in Greece:

Tax law in Greece is very volatile and difficult to understand. For this reason, you can trust us for the most accurate interpretation of tax provisions whether they relate to individuals or legal entities.

We can also be your trusted partners in Greece in all tax matters concerning the tax residency change, relocation to Greece and assistance to multinational tax issues, wherever you are resident!

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Join the growing number of happy clients who have found tax services in Greece with our help.

Tax Department in Greece

Our daily goal is to avoid unanswered questions, because we completely understand the difficulty of understanding tax provisions.

In any case, we will be by your side, from the simplest case of answering a question to a distant case of an audit by the competent tax authorities. Customers shall not feel alone or exposed to the tax authorities. For this reason we combine all our knowledge both at the national level, but also globally to provide accountable tax services and all the necessary assistance.

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Our Case Studies

Personal Tax

A Greek citizen but tax resident abroad, wanted to return to Greece and make use of the fiscal tax provisions to attract foreigners. For this reason, we made a full check of the supporting documents, gathered all the required documents, translated them and sent a complete file, both to the foreign tax authorities for their consideration of the process, but also before the Greek tax authorities into the deadline.

Property Tax

A resident abroad sold a property in Greece and wanted to complete the process of declaring goodwill before the foreign tax authority. For this purpose, we informed both the Greek tax authorities about the tax he should pay in Greece, and then we asked for a refund from the foreign tax authorities, after completing and submitting the corresponding tax return abroad.

Corporate Tax

Α Greek company wanted to open a branch in the United Arab Emirates. For this reason, we prepared all the required documents, proceeded to sign power of attorneys before a notary, contacted tax consultants abroad, submitted all the required documents(certified, notarized, translated) and registered the company as a branch in the UAE with Greek Administrator.

Tax Services

Tax residency change

If you are a Greek tax resident and you wish to change your tax residence, we can help you gather all the supporting documents and take care of all the proceedings before the Greek tax authorities from the beginning. Among our duties are both the control and the collection of the supporting documents, their translation and certification, but also their timely and proper submission before the Greek tax authorities.

On the other hand, if you are a resident abroad and you want to change your tax residence in Greece, we undertake from the beginning the whole process of your declaration before the Greek tax and insurance (if required) Authorities.


In case you belong to the highest categories of taxpayers due to your high income, we can make a business plan for the proper settlement of your tax issues, so that all your assets are declared correctly, minimizing the risks.


No matter how complicated and difficult your tax issue is, we are here to assist you in its proper settlement through the analysis of multiple scenarios for its correct resolution, always within the framework of the current tax provisions. We can help you from a global perspective, given that there is a connection between Greece and the other country.


We can assist you in the proper declaration of all assets, but also in the correct calculation of the tax that you will be asked to pay at the end of the year. Everything will be prepared by providing deliverables, as often as you wish, providing you multiple solutions.


We are always by the side of the Taxpayer (individual/legal entity) 24/7 for all the enquries that may arise regarding tax compliance. In this context, we can also provide accounting services, such as analyzing the corresponding tax rates on a case-by-case basis, as well as providing a complete calculation of the final tax that will be required to be paid.

Your Tax Lawyers in Greece

Eleftheria Charalambous

Eleftheria Charalambous

Lawyer, Head of Athens Office
Eleni Maderaki

Eleni Maderaki

Head of Corporate Department Athens
Maria Balaoura

Maria Balaoura

Charalampos Zachariadis

Charalampos Zachariadis

Eva Kontogeorgiou

Eva Kontogeorgiou

Eleftheria Charalambous

Head of Office

The tax framework in Greece is being restructured week by week! However, it is still the core of all activities (for individuals and legal entities) and for this reason our goal/main scope is to provide high quality services to all those who trust us in order to fully comply with tax provisions,  wherever they are all over the world!

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