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English-Speaking Tax Advisors in Spain

Experienced Tax Lawyers and Accountants helping foreigners optimize tax returns

Taxation is an exciting and wonderful world. Many people from all around the globe come to Spain and we get to make them feel relaxed with such an important issue as taxes, giving them peace of mind. We love my job to make sure that every client who has any interest in Spain is confident that he is compliant with every tax rule and can sleep like a baby at night, knowing that everything is in order.

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English Speaking Lawyers in Spain:

Being a foreigner in Spain and keeping your taxes in order is not always easy to do.
Our Tax department provides services to both individuals and societies.
Whether you reside in Spain or you live elsewhere but have legal needs in connection to Spain, we are the trusted and experienced partners that can help you avoid the hard work and assist you.

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Trust our proven track record of successful tax cases in Spain to help you optimize your taxes.

Tax Department

We are passionate about helping everyone that wants to relocate in Spain to understand the taxes, be compliant with them and, at the same time, to optimize their tax situation. We have the knowledge and the experience to assist you whether it is your Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax or restructuring your assets and source of income to adapt to the Spanish tax Regulation to the best of your interests.


Personal Income Tax

A Plane Pilot wanted to optimize his Personal Income Taxation in Spain. Applying for the exemption on employment income related to work performed abroad, he was able to exclude from taxation 60.100 Euros every year.

Wealth Tax

 A US expatriate that wants to relocate in Spain, would like to know how to structure his US assets in order to not be forced to pay the Wealth Tax in Spain. Changing from a LLC to a Limited company allowed him to profit from the exemption on the family business.

Corporate Tax

A company was incorporated several years ago, but was dormant. In order to allow this company from operating again, we rebuilt the accounting from scratch, filed all of the pending tax returns, and the company is good to operate again.

Tax Services


If you are considering to come to Spain, you might benefit from a Law with the name of a great British football player: David Beckham. You would be taxed at a 24% on your employment income, and at a 19% on your other Spanish sourced income. Under this special regime, income from dividends, interests, capital gains from abroad will not be subject to tax in Spain.


If you a Spanish Non Tax Resident who has shares that have provided you with dividends in Spain, you may just have noticed that a withholding tax has been applied. However, maybe in the double tax treaty signed between your country of tax residency and Spain, there is a limit of the amount Spain can withhold.


Whether you are a Spanish tax resident or not, you may have the obligation to prepare and file a Personal Income Tax Return in Spain, including your world wide income or only the income perceived in Spain, depending of your tax status.


You are considering to move to Spain, but you would like to know how many taxes would you be paying in the future. Or maybe you are already in Spain but you need to know what will be the tax implications of a certain event in your personal or professional life.


In case you have received a notification from the Spanish Tax Authorities proceeding to inspect your tax situation, our team of tax experts will be able to guide you through the process and solve your situation in the most favorable way for you. We would appear on your behalf before the Spanish Tax Authorities with all the gathered information and solve such scenario, making your problems with Spanish Tax Authorities disappear.


In case you are a Spanish tax resident and your individual net wealth is over certain thresholds, depending on your Autonomous Community of residency (Catalonia 500.000 Euros, Andalusia 700.000 Euros, Valencia 500.000 Euros, Balearic Islands 700.000 Euros, etc.) we will assist you in prepare and file the corresponding tax return, informing what assets are excluded from the calculation.

Corporate income Tax & Tax Compliance

If you have a company in Spain, this company will have to submit the corresponding Corporate Income Tax returns, carry the accounting, file the Annual Accounts and periodical tax returns. Whether it is VAT, Personal Income Tax Withholdings or Payments into account, we can take care of the accounting of the company and all of the necessary tax compliance.

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Sergi M

Sergi Mingallon

Tax and accounting specialist
Maria Grima

Maria Grima

Tax Specialist
Sara Rinaldi from Lexidy

Sara Rinaldi

Tax Advisor
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Albert Pujol Pinto

Tax and Accounting Specialist
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Kateryna Ljunggren

Tax Specialist

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Based on 455 reviews
Jonathan Elron
Jonathan Elron
07:37 13 Aug 23
A great law firm that covers anything an expat might need. I needed help with real estate initially, and they also helped me with immigration, taxes, and corporate legal matters. Fantastic people to work with. Alejandro from their real estate and immigration department is my main contact and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
Blake Yu
Blake Yu
12:13 30 May 23
I'm an expat / tech worker from the US and have been in contact Lexidy since I moved to Barcelona roughly a year ago and have to say it's been very convenient having help centralized across tax, immigration, and labor. Want to give a shout out to Monica Lopez, Gabriela Baly, Sara Rinaldi & Sara Fraile for all being very professional / supporting me as things have come up!I've already referred a few friends in that are interested in moving to spain on nomad visas. Gracias por todo!
Andy Kreek
Andy Kreek
10:14 07 Feb 23
I've worked with Lexidy with various tax and immigration related inquiries, which they have handled well.However, I did have a negative experience regarding obtaining a digital certificate. I engaged Lexidy to obtain a digital certificate, for which they charged 250EUR. As it turns out, the certificate was valid for just one year, which they did not inform me of when they delivered it to me.After I discovered it had expired, I wrote to Lexidy expressing my surprise, but I never received any reply.I then proceeded to follow the process myself to obtain a new digital certificate per the website of the Fabrica Nacional de Mondeda y Timbre to obtain a digital certificate. The process is, in fact, free and (if you speak Spanish) only marginally more complex on my end than engaging Lexidy.On top of it all, the digital certificate I received from the FMNT is valid for 3 years, not 1.
Ethan Keeney
Ethan Keeney
17:09 02 Dec 22
Sara has been a great help to me in my application for the Beckham tax.
Josh Pudner
Josh Pudner
12:15 24 Aug 22
We use Lexidy for our payroll and accounting services in Spain, and they have provided great service to us for 3 years. They always respond on time, are proactive, and accurate with their work. I would recommend using them. Our contact Isabel Sanchez is great to work with.
Declan Ryan
Declan Ryan
20:48 01 Jun 22
The Lexidy team is uniquely positioned to provide pan-European business and tax advisory services; what would be complex or impossible for a country-specific advisor is straightforward for Lexidy. They answered in days what would take weeks for other firms.
Mike Leon Widiner
Mike Leon Widiner
09:57 01 Jun 22
Excellent customer service by Jose García
Pit Rissiek
Pit Rissiek
09:37 19 May 22
Absolutely Professional and worth-it Experience!I can highly recommend working with Carlota Llopart and Lexidy! Carlota and the team have gone beyond my expectations when it comes to owning and actually even driving the steps for my mortgage, the purchase of my flat as well as taxes filed. I have had an extremely difficult seller, but I was able to fully trust the team to guide me through this first acquisition.I have already recommended Lexidy to friends who had similar positives experiences and will continue working with Carlota and the team. Side note, me being German: Great value for money too!
Nadina Jitaru
Nadina Jitaru
13:40 29 Apr 22
We've been working with Lexidy for years and they are professionals in all payroll and tax related matters. The team provides efficient and exemplary services, we've been working closely with Isabel on a daily basis and her continous support is greatly appreciated. If you are in need of lawyers or accountants, Lexidy Boutique is a great choice.
Rick Kleinhans
Rick Kleinhans
13:03 27 Apr 22
Lexidy has been a lifesaver. The entire team has helped us so much on different matters both personal and corporate. Isabel in correcting an error by a previous accountant that was costing us an extra €1000 every month in social security payments! Jose with various matters and tax advice. Diego in helping us get documents notarized in Valencia even though he is based in Madrid. I cannot recommend them enough!
10:39 26 Apr 22
Professional and very efficient. Excellent service and very easy to communicate with. I have been in contact with Jose Garcia, he helped me solve all my tax related doubts. Very much recommended!
Tanja C
Tanja C
01:36 24 Mar 22
I highly recommend Jose G. if you ever need any expertise in the field of tax payments (whether you are in Spain or you return back to your home country).Everything was handled fast, professionally and efficiently.

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