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Real Estate Department

English-Speaking Real Estate Lawyers in Portugal

Investing in Portuguese real estate can be hazardous without the right expert legal advice. That’s where we come in – our dynamic team of Portuguese real estate lawyers will help you to invest in Portuguese property efficiently and safely.

“More than legal advice, we help our clients immigrate to Portugal in a holistic way, providing full support before and after their arrival. From visas and residence permits to real estate contracts and dealing with daily paperwork, our aim is to provide our clients with a peaceful relocation process”


You can purchase a property without the time and expense of traveling by using Power of Attorney. This option allows an legal expert to represent you on the ground and execute processes at the Notary’s office as well as signing important documents like a Title Deed.


We can search local registries and uncover hidden charges before it’s too late. We can flag risks like outstanding mortgages, encumbrances or debts against a property. Our service gives you information about owner(s) identity, location of the property, classification of the property, possible charges and more.


We ensure that all  appropriate checks are performed and that the property is safe to buy. This gives you peace of mind and saves you time and money. Buying a property in full confidence requires specialist advice from someone with a thoroughly understanding of the legal system. That’s where we come in – safely invest in real estate with Lexidy.


A well-crafted lease agreement specifies the terms of your rental arrangement, which reduces your liability risk and protects your investment. Landlord and real estate owners need a high-quality lease agreement that protects both you and your tenant. We work with residential, commercial and short-term leases.


An “CPCV” is an important document when purchasing  a property. Essentially, it’s an agreement where the purchaser deposits 10% of the price and other terms of the sale are agreed. A well-crafted CPCV reduces your risk and protects your investment by specifying the terms of your private agreement against the successful completion of the purchase.


If you need a legal representative to manage your legal matters on your behalf, Power of Attorney is a robust and powerful option. This legal arrangement gives an individual or individuals the right to act on your behalf within a defined and specific scope.


The Burofax is a legal notice that can be produced in court – including certification of reception to the addressee. Our service includes the drafting and preparation of the letter according to your needs. We will check and verify that everything is to your requirements and deliver it via certified post.

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