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Find the legal office closest to you. We build relationships with our clients based on trust and cooperation. For our lawyers, it is important to deliver value from the very beginning of your journey and maintain a high level of service quality. Visit any of our offices to discuss your case and meet our lawyers, in the more friendly and stressless atmosphere.

Striving for legal success in Spain and Portugal

Our Law Boutique has three legal offices that cover two jurisdictions and we are constantly adapting, to meet the demands of each of our clients. We are digitally-driven lawyers in Spain and Portugal so you can use the most convenient method to contact us from any part of the world.

Above all, we put our clients' needs first.


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Our testimonials

Our office in Barcelona

Barcelona holds the greatest importance to us, it is the city where Lexidy was founded. We started as a small team of lawyers in Barcelona, discovering opportunities and offering legal assistance to the Western markets. The continuing growth from year to the year helped us reach the success we are proud of today. The gorgeous architecture, perfect weather and the Catalonian hospitality were reasons why we started as a new law firm there.

We chose Barcelona to be closer to the Spanish start-up culture, blending into the Spanish and the Catalonian corporate markets. Our lawyers in Barcelona are settled on Avenida Diagonal, the main business street in The Gracia neighbourhood. The office is based on the 3rd floor of “Casa Comalat”, one of the most outrageous examples of Catalonian modernist architectural style. Our team of more than 20 experts in the law field are keen to help everyone in need of legal assistance, advice, and support.

Our law office in Barcelona is located at Avinguda Diagonal, 442, 3º 1ª, 08037, Barcelona.

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Casa Comalat

Casa Comalat was inspired by Antoni Gaud's works, the most influential architect of the 20th century. The building was proposed in 1906 by Salvador Valeri i Pupurull, and it took five years for the construction to be completed. For the creation process of this building, architect Salvador Valeri called on some of the city's best craftsmen, who provided floral, animal and geometric motifs, giving the facade and interior one of the most beautiful modernist buildings in Barcelona.

Our office in Madrid

As the country capital, Madrid is the center of all the Spanish cultural life and the country’s economy. Madrid is one of the most important cosmopolitan cities of Europe; everything is possible in this city from starting a business to develop an active and diverse lifestyle full of adventure of every turn.

To give each of our clients the best possible help with legal needs, our lawyers work in the Recoletos neighbourhood.

As we all know, nothing is better than to meet in person; for that reason, we invite you to make a visit to the office and chat with one of our lawyers. Our office in Madrid is located right in the city center, just a few steps away from La Puerta de Alcalá, easily accessible from any direction or public transportation (subway, bus, car).

Visit our legal office in Madrid at Calle Villalar 7, Bajo Izquierda, 28001, Madrid.

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Our office in Lisbon

Our team of lawyers in Portugal welcome everyone who stops by the office and are happy to provide legal assistance to our clients.  Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a country geographically located to be the connecting point between continents and a big hub for international trade. Lisbon city offers legal opportunities for both individual and corporate business players.

Portugal provides significant financial incentives, tax relieves and benefits to foreigners, significantly more than in other European Union Countries. Visiting our law office in Lisbon is only the beginning of achieving your goals and leading a life as you always wished.

Our law office in located in Lisbon at Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar n.º 43, RC Esq. 1070-150 Lisbon.

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