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Obtaining Permanent Residency in Greece

Our team of English-speaking immigration lawyers is here to help you take the next step on your adventure in Greece.

Permanent residency is a natural step for many who choose prolong their stay in Greece. Whether it’s settling down, progressing their career or the country has become their new home. Our English-speaking Immigration lawyers will guide you through the process step-by-step.

How can a lawyer help with Greek permanent residency?

Our English-speaking Greek Immigration lawyers are dedicated to helping clients turn their temporary adventure into a permanent, lasting experience with stroner rights, predictability and confidence. Our team of Immigration experts in Greece can help you understand which documents you need and how to position yourself early so that there are no delays or surprises when you seek Permanent residency.

Our lawyers will advice, prepare and file the documentation in line with the applicant’s specific circumstances. They will also arrange for any translations or official certifications where necessary as well arrange appointments with Greece’s Ministry of Immigration. Finally they will accompany you on the day of submission and track of your application to collect the permit once it’s ready.

The Lexidy team enjoys close relationships with Greece’s immigration officials so they can anticipate and intercept any potential hiccups with your application or paperwork. They are motivated to work for you in a efficient and caring manner. The entire Immigration department is here to provide a quality service that focuses on delivering results and are committed to addressing your questions with transparent answers within 24 hours.


¨We will be with you each step of the journey.¨


What is a Greek Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency is a stage in immigration where an individual has effectively settled in a new country and plans to formalize their decision. This can happen through life events, such as getting married or having a family, but also the professional, where a medium-term overseas job posting transforms from being a fun, new experience into how you want to continue your life. 

In Greece, ex-pats and foreigners can apply to become permanent residences after living in the country for five consecutive years.

How to Get a Permanent Residency in Greece?

The criteria and paperwork for Greek permanent residency is broadly similar. Most applicants must be able to show that they have lived in Greece for at least five consecutive years and provide proof that they have a Greek addres. There’s a handful of pathways to become a permanent residence, some of which are outlined as follows:

Family members of Greek Citizens:

Family members who legally reside in the country with their Greek spouse for five years continuously have the right to permanent residence in the country. They can also temporarily end their residency and still have the right to Permanent Residence just as long as their absence doesn’t exeed two years.

Once the family member has Greek permanent residence they can leave the country for up to two years and still keep their permanent residence.

EU nationals:

Citizens of an EU country need to reside in Greece for five continuous years to qualify for permanent residence. They can leave the country for up to six months a year without diminishing their chances of obtain permanent residence. This period of absence increases if the applicant is called up for compulsory military service, becomes pregnant or for childbirth, becomes serious ill, studies, undertakes vocational training or is posted to another EU nation.

Once the individual has permanent residence can leave Greece for up to two years without affecting their permit. 

Non-EU citizens:

For non-EU citizens, they must reside in Greece legally and without interruption for at least five years. They must also be able to show the following:

  1. Proof of sufficient income to support themselves and their family. These finances cannot come from social security
  2. Full medical and healthcare insurance
  3. Adequate knowledge of Greek language and culture

Non-EU citizens can leave the country for up to six months but their absence cannot exceed a total of ten months within a five-year period.

British citizens following Brexit:

British nationals and their family members must have resided in Greece for at least five years to qualify for a 10-year residence permit. If they have lived in Greece for fewer than five years, they can receive a five-year residence permit.

Once they have permanently residence, the holder can leave Greece for up to five years without losing the residency permit.

The process for Greek Permanent Residency

  • The existing temporary residence permit holder gathers the necessary documentation after five years of residency in Greece.
  • A lawyer files an application along with all documents at the official portal of the Ministry of Immigration. The procedure must be perofrmed electronically because only lawyers have access. Confirmation is automatically issued and allows residence in Greece until the card is issued.
  • After the permit is approved, the Greek Permanent Residency card is issued within one to two months.

Legal Requirements for Permanent Residence in Greece

Greece’s residency program requires the application for the permanent residence permit to be filed with the The applicant must also have the following:

  • Hold a temporary residence permit for at least five years
  • Not been convicted of a crime punishable with a prison sentence of more than six months
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means
  • Proof of accommodation in Greece
  • Proof of basic understanding of the Greek language and culture


We are a department formed by qualified legal experts who have been trained in the field of immigration law. We work on these requests every day and it’s our passion. For us, Lexidy is a way of life and what excites us the most is to be able to deliver the happiness and satisfaction of a successful immigration process. We want to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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Eleftheria Charalambous

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