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Moving to a new country is easier than you think. You just need the right people. Our team of English-speaking Immigration lawyers works with clients worldwide to deliver their dream of starting a new life abroad.


Lexidy LegalTech Boutique makes the law simple so that our clients don’t get lost in translation.

The first step is deciding where you’d like to go and why. That’s it – Lexidy does the rest.

We are Immigration experts who speak your language

Our English-speaking lawyers understand what is the best pathway for you to move to a new country. We have specialist knowledge to advise you on how to gain residency and citizenship. It can be as simple as being a digital nomad or buying real estate to unlock some of Europe’s most attractive Golden Visa or Wealth Visa programs.

What is Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is the residence permit for Spain with the most benefits and the simplest procedure. With this visa, you and your family can work straight away by investing money in the formation of a business or purchase of the real estate.

What is Wealth Visa?

The Wealth Residence Visa is a type of residence in Spain that allows non-EU citizens to reside in the country with their own economic means without carrying out any type of local economic activity.

Lexidy’s legal team across Europe will analyze your situation to advise you on the best visa option for you. For some, it’s a wealth visa which is for those with passive income or being a digital nomad, for others it’s a work visa with their new employer or a Golden Visa after buying the home of their dreams.

Our Immigration experts will explain which visa and which country is best for you. We will also advise and guide you on the next steps of your exciting journey in a new land.

Rely on our immigration team

Our Immigration team works hand-in-hand with our legal experts across our tax, labor, corporate, real estate and litigation departments to ensure that you never get lost in translation. Our English-speaking lawyers work are dynamic and have dedicated themselves to helping ex-pats and foreigners with their new lives in Europe.


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Head of Immigration Department
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Gabriela Baly


360º Experience

The process of moving country

Understand why are you moving
With its rule of law, stable investment climate and freedom of movement, Europe will have something for you. Many EU nations offer Golden Visas for those planning to buy their dream home, start-up visas for those planning to start businesses or wealth visas for retirees. Perhaps it’s to study or your tourist visa is expiring and you want to spend more time exploring your new world.
Pick a country
Most of Europe’s countries are in the European Union and are welcoming to visitors, whether it’s a short-stay or something that becomes permanent. Spain, for example, offers the metropolitan bustle of Madrid and tech-savvy digital nomads of Barcelona. The country has a young, educated and English-speaking population, so why not take advantage of its startup and entrepreneur visas by launching your business there. Maybe you’re retired and have seen the perfect home, then a Golden Visa is best for you.
Turn a decision into an action
With your reason for moving and your ideal destination in mind, it’s time to take the plunge. Apply for that university course you’ve been researching. Schedule a visit for that dream home. Apply for that perfect job you’ve seen. Write down that business plan for the next billion-dollar startup.
Submit and file your visa application
Our English-speaking lawyers will help prepare the documentation for the best visa for you. We will guide you through the process and assist with unfamiliar processes like sworn translations, legalization of documents, apostille stamps and meeting Public Notaries. These are the steps and processes that the team at Lexidy LegalTech Boutique have spent years mastering and we can handle all of this to set your visa application up for success.
Have fun
With your visa in your passport, the world is your oyster. Go and have fun. It’s what you’ve been waiting for. We’ll be touch during your stay in Europe to make sure that you’re not lost in translation for things like taxes, visa renewals or whatever may arise. Remember, it’s an adventure.

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