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EU Certificate in Spain

Get quick and reliable support for obtaining your foreign identity number. This ID unlocks dozens of benefits for executing your personal, economic or professional goals.

Get immigration assistance for EU nationals who wish to live more than 90 days in Spain.

What is an EU Certificate?

An EU certificate is a mandatory registration for all European citizens who wish to live in Spain for more than 3 months. The certificate is issued by the National Police and gives the holder the right to legally reside in Spain. It is only available to citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland.

This documents allows the holder’s residence in Spain and includes their name, address, nationality and foreign tax ID number, known as a Número de Identificación de Extranjero, or NIE, as well as the date of registration for the Certificate.

The document only requires renewal if the holder seeks permanent residency after five years. This process does not require a police clearance certificate or a medical certificate.

How to obtain the EU Certificate in Spain?

You must apply for a Certificate at the Oficina de Extranjeros or local police station in the province where you plan to live within three months of arriving in Spain. It’s important to schedule this in advance as there are a limited number of appointments.

If all the paperwork is in order, the EU Certificate is issued immediately and is valid indefinitely. However, the relevant police or foreigner’s office should be informed of any changes to your personal status, like marriage, divorce or change of address, with a form EX18 and the documents that support this change of status.

How can a lawyer help me?

Our lawyers regularly work on these procedures and can navigate the bureaucracy to obtain an appointment quickly.

Each police station and region has specific requirements, and our lawyers know how the requirements differ by jurisdiction across Spain. They can also contact local police stations to inquire about the specific requirements.

Our lawyers will file the the application electronically on your behalf so you don’t need to visit any immigration office.

We can also accompany to solve any setbacks or obstacles in the process. Our lawyers offer full assistance in English, French or Italian.

¨We will be with you each step of your journey.¨

– Immigration Team

Process of getting EU certificate

1. Register with the Town Hall

It can take between a day and three weeks to secure an appointment.

2. Gather the right documentation

We estimate this step takes between two and five days,  depending on the client’s needs.

3. Organize an appointment at the Police Station

This step usually takes a week.

4. Submit the application

We can file the application within a day.

5. Obtain the EU Certificate

Typically, the EU certificate is issued on the same day as the application.

What other documents are required for the EU certificate?

For Employed or Self-employed people

  • An employment contract or proof of registration with social security.

For students

  • The proof of enrolment in public or private academic institution or professional education.
  • Health insurance that covers all risks in Spain or EHIC card.
  • Proof of sufficient economic means, like a bank certificate or statement, or a sworn affidavit that declares sufficient funds.

For business owners

  • Proof of Registration with the Census of Economic Activities.
  • Proof of registration with the Mercantile Registry if you are a company administrator.
  • Proof of registration with Spanish Social Security.

For other residents

  • The proof of sufficient economic means, such as a bank certificate or statement depending on the region.
  • Health insurance coverage across Spain that’s  equivalent to that provided by the national health system.

Find your Immigration Lawyer

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Head of Immigration Department
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Frequently Asked Questions

An EU Citizen can remain in Spain for 90 days every six months as a tourist. However, if they want to stay for a longer period, they must register as EU citizens residing in Spain and obtain the EU Certificate.

Yes. The EU Certificate for EU citizens is unaffected by Brexit.

British citizens residing in Spain before Brexit may also apply under the EU regime but they will need to prove their regular residence during 2020 or before. If not they will need to follow the general regime and apply from their home country.

If you are a British citizen and you have applied for the residence permit before Brexit you can remain in Spain without any further formalities. If you did not register as a British citizen residing in Spain before Brexit you will need to apply for a regular residence permit in your home country.

Citizens of the European Union, as well as citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

As a European citizen, you can obtain a social security number and receive basic health care in Spain.

Yes but you can only have one European driving license at any time. 


Yes and this can be obtained when applying for an EU Certificate.

If you are not working for a Spanish company,  self-employed or have a certificate of registration with the social security in your country, you will need private health insurance.

Depending on the place of application, you may need funds in a Spanish account.

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Gaby Chiha
Gaby Chiha
16:17 03 Jan 23
Eleonore and the Lexidy team were INCREDIBLE in helping me and my family get our visas for France. We tried for weeks to do it on our own and after all of our extensive research, we still had questions about what to do or how to do it successfully. Eleonore was with us every step of the way. She was able to answer every question. We were left feeling confident that Eleonore and her team were giving us the best chance possible of getting the visas we wanted. And it worked! It was great to have a lawyer who was so familiar with the French visa process - they are experts! We didn't want a visa lawyer who was a generalist and didn't specialize in French visas. Thank you so much!
Shaneka Anderson
Shaneka Anderson
14:22 13 Dec 22
I used Lexidy's French Office. I highly recommend working with Eléonore Tavares de Pinho. She is the best! Excellent personalised service, professional and very kind.
21:46 29 Jun 22
We contacted Lexidy Law boutique when we recently moved from Cyprus to open a new chapter in our lives to move into a house in Brittany that we had bought 12 years previously. We had underestimated the twists and turns involved in obtaining residency in France - so we contacted Lexidy Law Boutique and were assigned Eleonore, an immigration lawyer well acquainted with French immigration laws. From the very beginning we realised she was determined that we should have a successful outcome and she guided us expertly to avoid all the pitfalls in the process of applying for residency. She even accompanied us to the prefecture and ensured that everything went smoothly - without her presence we might well have not succeeded.We thank and highly recommend Eleonore and Lexidy Law Boutique.
Ornela Xhelili
Ornela Xhelili
16:43 14 Jun 22
Extremely helpful and professional law firm. My lawyer, David Pilar Planes, managed my immigration process that involved the conversion of an EU Permit from another member country into a Spanish residence permit, in a smooth, reliable and dedicated way. Highly recommended for anyone in need of immigration assistance in Spain.
Declan Ryan
Declan Ryan
20:48 01 Jun 22
The Lexidy team is uniquely positioned to provide pan-European business and tax advisory services; what would be complex or impossible for a country-specific advisor is straightforward for Lexidy. They answered in days what would take weeks for other firms.
Pit Rissiek
Pit Rissiek
09:37 19 May 22
Absolutely Professional and worth-it Experience!I can highly recommend working with Carlota Llopart and Lexidy! Carlota and the team have gone beyond my expectations when it comes to owning and actually even driving the steps for my mortgage, the purchase of my flat as well as taxes filed. I have had an extremely difficult seller, but I was able to fully trust the team to guide me through this first acquisition.I have already recommended Lexidy to friends who had similar positives experiences and will continue working with Carlota and the team. Side note, me being German: Great value for money too!
Temporary ML NA
Temporary ML NA
09:37 28 Apr 21
We used Lexidy to help establish our company in Spain following Brexit. The whole team, especially Hector, Samuel and Jose Garcia, were very helpful and professional in guiding us through this stressful period. They advised us of all the technical and legal requirements to successfully trade in the EU through Spain, including taxation and financial legislation.
Simon Schauble
Simon Schauble
08:40 22 Jan 21
We are an Australian / German family and David and team at Lexidy did a wonderful job for us. They were very professional and managed the whole process of residency. We would highly recommend them.
Vincent Crudden
Vincent Crudden
14:49 06 Oct 20
Used Lexidy Law for my EU Registry Certificate and NIE number. Also for my registration with the Town Hall. My contact at the firm was Laura Fuste. Very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. Helped me navigate with having a staff member present with me at the various appointments which was extremely helpful to me as I am a beginner student of the Spanish language. Highly recommend.
18:07 17 Sep 20
I would like to explicitly thank Maximiliano Agazzi Paulet for being of tremendous help to myself and to my family. As an American citizen it can be exceedingly difficult to wrestle with the European beaurocratic system let alone in Cataluña in catalan. He accompanied me through the entire process and demistified what seemed insurmountable upon my arrival. I highly recommend anyone who is need of legal advice please seek out Maximiliano as you will not be disappointed

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