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Tax, Accounting and Labour Consultancy in Spain

Sergi Mingallon

Sergi Mingallon

Head of the Accounting Department

How can Accounting Services help your business?

Accounting is a source of information that can bring great advantages to the company:

  • It allows us to know the cost of production of a service or product.
  • We can know the current financial situation of the company
  • To maintain a control of the expenses and incomes and to know which ones we can reduce, suppress or promote.
  • Calculate correctly the taxes to be paid.

Keeping a good accounting will make these data fit the reality of the company, which will allow us to have a better basis for making, before it is too late, decisions about the future of the company.

On the other hand, if the accounting is not correct it can result in a bad calculation of the taxes with its respective sanctions.

How does the accounting process work in Spain?

Accounting operates according to a set of rules standardized for all companies and regulated according to the General Accounting Plan by Royal Decree 1514/2007.

What is included in Our accounting service?

We will prepare the client’s accounting according to Spanish and European accounting standards based on the documentation sent to us electronically. We will always prioritize the client’s needs and we will be at your disposal to solve any kind of issues that may arise.

The services to be provided include the preparation of the Consolidated Balance,
the Trial Balance and the Income Statements. They also include the review and
consultation services of the corresponding accounting. In case it is requested, we
can provide on a monthly or quarterly basis the General Ledger, Balance Sheet and the Profits
and Loss for the accumulated year or the corresponding to the period.

¨We will be with you each step of your journey.¨

– Immigration Team

How can a lawyer help me?

As mentioned above, proper bookkeeping is very important for decision making and for the correct payment of taxes. That is why it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of a professional, who will advise you in the decision making process as well as help you to interpret the accounting data. In addition, it will also help you to avoid problems with the tax authorities by paying taxes correctly.
Tax, Accounting and Labour Consultancy in Spain

Accounting Department

Sergi M

Sergi Mingallon

Tax and accounting specialist
Sergi Canas

Sergi Canas

Tax Specialist
Maria Grima

Maria Grima

Tax Specialist
Sara Rinaldi from Lexidy

Sara Rinaldi

Tax Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, according to article 14 of the commercial code, every businessman must keep orderly accounting records appropriate to the activity of his company, allowing a chronological follow-up of all his operations, as well as the periodic preparation of balance sheets and inventories.
The income statement is formed by the difference between all the company’s expenses and income during a determined period of time, generally 1 year.

Within three months following the end of each fiscal year, the Directors are obliged to formulate:

  • The Annual Accounts
  • The management report
  • The proposal for the application of the result.

The consequences of failing to comply with these obligations are very serious for the Directors.

Small companies will be subject to small business accounting if they meet two of the following requirements: they do not exceed an annual turnover of 8 million euros, do not have more than ten employees on average and do not have assets of more than 4 million euros. It differs from the accounting of large companies in the simplification of registration criteria and a more simplified structure of the annual accounts.
Correctly calculated financial statements provide us with a lot of information about how the company is developing, if they are facing liquidity problems, if there are debt matters or, on the contrary, if we can get into debt to boost the business, etc… It is as important to obtain good data as it is to know how to interpret them correctly.
The only concern of the client will be to send us all the documentation (invoices received, invoices issued, bank statements and any other documentation that may be important for the client) related to the company on a monthly basis and we will take care of the rest.

What clients say about us

Alejandro was helping me navigate the process of nueva obra construction to gain Spanish golden visa. He proved to be very knowledgeable and we had a great phone call where I learned more in 20 minutes than I would have from months of internet research. Unfortunately the property I was looking at ended up not being suitable, which was discovered thanks to his due-diligence, so I was not able to go through the entire process, so I can't provide a review of the full legal process. But I'll be engaging with Lexidy again if I find a suitable property for me in the future!
10:47 24 Mar 23
Cristina is the person you need if you have any immigration inquiries. She has honestly been phenomenal, answering each and every question so promptly, we had an issue with the immigration office and she took care of everything with extreme empathy and professionalism. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Kabeer Vohra
Kabeer Vohra
15:33 22 Mar 23
I had an initial consultation call with Max for my visa application, during which he provided me with the next steps to follow. However, despite sending a reply and a follow-up email, in which I mentioned I needed a quick response due to a time-sensitive matter, I have not received any response in over a week. This lack of response is unprofessional and leaves me uncertain about the reliability of their services.
Oliver Gibbs
Oliver Gibbs
10:12 20 Mar 23
I've worked with Lexidy with various tax and immigration related inquiries, which they have handled well.However, I did have a negative experience regarding obtaining a digital certificate. I engaged Lexidy to obtain a digital certificate, for which they charged 250EUR. As it turns out, the certificate was valid for just one year, which they did not inform me of when they delivered it to me.After I discovered it had expired, I wrote to Lexidy expressing my surprise, but I never received any reply.I then proceeded to follow the process myself to obtain a new digital certificate per the website of the Fabrica Nacional de Mondeda y Timbre to obtain a digital certificate. The process is, in fact, free and (if you speak Spanish) only marginally more complex on my end than engaging Lexidy.On top of it all, the digital certificate I received from the FMNT is valid for 3 years, not 1.
Andy Kreek
Andy Kreek
10:14 07 Feb 23
Probably the most unhelpful people everJust money grabbers if i could give 0 star I wouldFirst of all in all honesty they were helpful as they would be to a new potential clientThey started then pressuring me that i can get a discount if i was to pay it in 2 parts within 2 days i was apying for residency through arriago familiar unfortunately i have a minor conviction from 4 years ago and i simply said before i pay you guys (which is non refundable) will my application be successfulAnd they just said sorry we cannot assist you without payingDO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY AND THEY QUOTED ME €1200 for it all crazy price
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor
11:41 13 Jan 23
Eleonore and the Lexidy team were INCREDIBLE in helping me and my family get our visas for France. We tried for weeks to do it on our own and after all of our extensive research, we still had questions about what to do or how to do it successfully. Eleonore was with us every step of the way. She was able to answer every question. We were left feeling confident that Eleonore and her team were giving us the best chance possible of getting the visas we wanted. And it worked! It was great to have a lawyer who was so familiar with the French visa process - they are experts! We didn't want a visa lawyer who was a generalist and didn't specialize in French visas. Thank you so much!
Gaby Chiha
Gaby Chiha
16:17 03 Jan 23

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