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Legal advice & consultation with Portuguese lawyers who only work with Expats and speak their language. Don’t get lost in translation when trying to understand the law in Portugal.

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Portugal is an attractive destination for a new start. Whether it’s business, life or simply pleasure, moving to a new country will create new memories and opportunities for personal growth. Our dynamic team of immigration lawyers in Lisbon dedicates their work to supporting anyone who wants to enjoy life in Portugal.


The Lexidy team is here to simplify clients’ lives by transforming complicated tax issues into outcomes that can be trusted and relied upon. Theres is no challenge too large or small for our Tax and Accounting department in Lisbon. We work individual cases as well as companies with complex situations.

Real Estate

Portuguese Real estate stands alone in Europe for good reason. It combines buildings of character and charm with incredible vistas. For high quality and relaxed Mediterranean living, invest in Portugal’s attractive Real Estate market.



Businesses are born from an idea but people will turn inspiration into something the market place has been looking for. It’s crucial that talent is paid on-time, all the time. Equally, employment compliance for employees and employers is non-negotiable in Portugal. Work with our payroll team for effective payroll and our lawyers for the best employment practices.


Sometimes life calls for serious action. In Portugal, our litigation team is here to defend our client’s interests. When the time for patience is over, our lawyers in Lisbon will pursue a dispute resolution that works for our clients. Our experienced team is also well-prepared to litigate in court and successfully deliver what our clients are entitled to.

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Business activity spans everything from turning an idea into a company to merging with or acquiring other businesses and successful exits. Lexidy assists entrepreneurs and business leaders in Portugal with these events as well as the hurdles and challenges on this corporate journey. Speak with the team to understand how to benefit from our full range of services.


People are the key ingredient for a successful business, so it’s important to keep them motivated. Part of that means regularly delivering payroll. With our team, the search for simple and effective payroll is over. Lexidy’s labor department will also help employers and employees remain compliant with Spanish employment laws.

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