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Apply for NIE number in Spain

Quick and reliable service for getting a foreign tax ID number. The NIE number allows ex-pats in Spain to achieve their personal, financial or professional goals.

We can guide and assist you with all the steps to get your NIE Number in Spain. This is an ID number for foreigners and ex-pats who are living, working or studying in Spain.

The NIE, or “Número de Identidad del Extranjero” is the foreign identification number. The Spanish government issues this number to register foreign citizens. Any foreigner who wants to live in Spain will have to get the right residence permit and NIE. Apply for a Foreign ID Card with Lexidy today.

What is The Spanish NIE Number?

The NIE is an ID number that’s assigned to foreigners or ex-pats in Spain. Every non-Spanish person must have this number. Without this legal document, you cannot:

  • buy a property or real estate
  • open a bank account
  • create a business
  • sign a lease
  • find a job
  • sign a work contract
  • file a tax return

The NIE only refers to the number itself. If you obtain a foreign identity card or your EU Certificate in Spain, it will be on the document. It is one of the most important documents you can have in Spain.

Each foreign resident must complete an NIE application form to apply and get an NIE number. This is called Form EX-15 and is available online. It must be completed in Spanish as applications in English will be rejected. The application process requires you to share some personal information.

When applying, you must book an appointment before visiting any physical offices. If you are abroad, it must be any police station in the region of residence or the Spanish Consulate. Usually, the waiting period is from one to three weeks depending on the area and Consulate general.

Your NIE will be printed on your EU Certificate, which is a green card given to registered EU citizens in Spain.

We work with immigration offices across Spain to make the application process simple. Speak with an immigration lawyer about how to get an NIE in Spain.

Spanish ID Card

How can a lawyer help me to get my NIE in Spain?

We can obtain your NIE for you by acting on your behalf, through Spanish Power Of Attorney, or POA. There are several types of Power of Attorney in Spain and we will explain what’s best for you. However, each type removes the need for the client to travel regularly to Spain. This saves time, money and stress as an attorney will, in fact, act for you on legal matters.

Generally, power of Attorney is a straightforward process. We define our role and draft the Power of Attorney with your oversight. This is then checked by a Notary Public. We will answer any questions regarding the Power of Attorney forms.

In Spain, durable Power of Attorney (or durable poa) isn’t allowed. This is beneficial for you in the long term.

We also help clients obtain the NIE number at the Consulate or Embassy in your home country by providing guidance.

An NIE is essential for purchasing a property, signing a lease agreement, opening a bank account or creating a company. It can even be used in estate planning for wills and final testaments.

Our team of lawyers at Lexidy will be pleased to assist you with any of these plans or goals. We can also provide Power of Attorney and complete the NIE application process with your personal information.

Apply for an NIE today!

¨We will be with you each step of your journey.¨

– Immigration Team

Lexidy is a modern, dynamic, and innovative law firm. We always put customers at the center of our work and do our best to give an exceptional experience. Our expertise with immigration offices allows us to fix complex problems and cut all the risks before they happen. We are immigration attorneys and experts in immigration law.

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What's the process of getting the NIE?

  1. We work with you to draft the Power of Attorney. Together we will define the scope of things like financial powers. This usually takes around one day
  2. The Power of Attorney is signed before a Public Notary. This also takes around one day to complete.
  3. The Power of Attorney needs to be formally stamped if it’s signed abroad. This takes between two days and two weeks depending on the country.
  4. The Power of Attorney documentation must need be sent to our offices. This step takes between two days and a week, depending on the country.
  5. We then submit the NIE application form to the authorities and obtain the NIE. Typically, it takes around three business days. We will handle any interactions with the immigration office.

Non-EU citizens will need to complete Form 790, which can be obtained here and requires sharing some personal information. We support many clients with completing and filing these forms if you have doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are granted the NIE, it does not change and will be yours for life. However, you may be asked for a residence permit or a non-resident NIE certificate issued within the last 90 days for certain specific procedures.

The NIE is the Foreigner’s Identity Number, the NIF is the tax identity number. All NIEs are valid as NIFs but not all NIFs are NIEs.

While it isn’t an official ID number, or nĂşmero de identificaciĂłn, many use it for this purpose  

No, in order to work in Spain you need an NIE number linked to a residence and work permit.

In case you are an EU citizen you can apply for a residence and work permit in the Spanish territory. If you are a non-EU citizen, you need to apply from your home country.

If you are unsure if your immigration status allows you to work, speak with a lawyer. They will explain your options for work permits.

You can rent a property only with your passport, however, the landlord may require you to have an NIE. Despite this, it is not legally required.

No, the mere fact of having an NIE number does not allow you to reside in Spain. In order to reside in Spain, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

You can find out more about Spain’s residence permits here. 

What our clients say about us

Lexidy Legal Tech
Based on 446 reviews
21:46 29 Jun 22
We contacted Lexidy Law boutique when we recently moved from Cyprus to open a new chapter in our lives to move into a house in Brittany that we had bought 12 years previously. We had underestimated the twists and turns involved in obtaining residency in France - so we contacted Lexidy Law Boutique and were assigned Eleonore, an immigration lawyer well acquainted with French immigration laws. From the very beginning we realised she was determined that we should have a successful outcome and she guided us expertly to avoid all the pitfalls in the process of applying for residency. She even accompanied us to the prefecture and ensured that everything went smoothly - without her presence we might well have not succeeded.We thank and highly recommend Eleonore and Lexidy Law Boutique.
Irene Riportella
Irene Riportella
16:12 13 Jun 22
Excelente atención de Alejandro, me indicó todos los procedimientos necesarios para tramitar el NIE y me envió un presupuesto rápidamente. Muchas gracias!
Phil S
Phil S
20:13 22 May 22
We have just completed the purchase of a new build apartment in Catalunya. Lexidy were recommended to me by a colleague who'd relocated from the US to the Costa Brava. As non Spanish/Catalan speakers, it was a great relief to have people we could trust working on all aspects of the purchase - including arranging a bank account, NIE's and the wifi..! From the initial meeting over Zoom to the final transaction Carlota and Antonia provided first class service and communication. And by providing them with Power of Attorney it meant we could do most of the things we needed to do without leaving the UK.
Aleksandar Vorinski
Aleksandar Vorinski
08:12 25 Apr 22
I recently purchased apartment, got NIE and opened bank account with their help. I m satisfied with their service, they are accurate and responsible.
Simone Bech
Simone Bech
11:43 22 Mar 22
I hired Alejandro to help me get my NIE. I needed the process to go fast, as my future workplace wanted me to start ASAP. Alejandro promised me that I would get it within 3-8 workdays, and he managed to do so. He made the process sooooo easy for me! I would recommend Alejandro any time.
ne1 so71k
ne1 so71k
00:08 04 Jan 22
I am happy with my experience with Lexidy Law Boutique. The lawyer who was helping me was easy to communicate with on the phone, and he kept me informed by email along the way. They obtained my NIE for me in the time frame that they said. I would recommend them.
Signore Raffaele
Signore Raffaele
12:53 07 Sep 21
The service I have received from Hector has been extraordinary.He has helped me opening bank accounts, managing my NIE and setting up my company's branch in Spain.I am very grateful for the help and the exceptional treatment and management.I won't hesitate to contact him again for any other business I may need.
Miguel Rosato
Miguel Rosato
15:31 14 Jul 21
I arrived in Madrid on the last week of June 2021. Two weeks later I already had the NIE for my family and my own, and was already signed in in Madrid Municipality. I strongly recommend Lexidy for their professional work, Specially David Planes, who followed my case before and after arrival.
Daniel Zuckerman
Daniel Zuckerman
15:04 10 Nov 20
I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Lexidy and their excellent attorneys. After months of trying unsuccessfully to navigate the maze of Spanish bureaucracy, I finally got the help I needed. Max Agazzi Paulet and his team were extremely professional and knowledgeable and were able to quickly give me the information I needed to successfully move forward with my application. Without hesitation, I would recommend Lexidy to anyone dealing with Spanish immigration law and/or real estate issues.
Vincent Crudden
Vincent Crudden
14:49 06 Oct 20
Used Lexidy Law for my EU Registry Certificate and NIE number. Also for my registration with the Town Hall. My contact at the firm was Laura Fuste. Very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. Helped me navigate with having a staff member present with me at the various appointments which was extremely helpful to me as I am a beginner student of the Spanish language. Highly recommend.
18:07 17 Sep 20
I would like to explicitly thank Maximiliano Agazzi Paulet for being of tremendous help to myself and to my family. As an American citizen it can be exceedingly difficult to wrestle with the European beaurocratic system let alone in Cataluña in catalan. He accompanied me through the entire process and demistified what seemed insurmountable upon my arrival. I highly recommend anyone who is need of legal advice please seek out Maximiliano as you will not be disappointed
Matias Montero
Matias Montero
14:33 17 Sep 20
El servicio de este estudio de abogados es realmente genial, me comunique con ellos desde América y me han asesorado durante meses sin pedirme realmente un pago temprano antes de ver si era viable la consulta (a diferencia de otros estudios) sumado que son muy cálidos y saben de verdad lo que hacen.Siendo yo abogado tambien, conozco el rubro y me parece excelente que trabajen de la misma manera que lo hago yo, poniendo al cliente primero.Todo el asesoramiento lo recibí durante la situación de COVID-19 y estamos por cerrar pronto la gestión con ellos.Mayormente estuve hablando con Maximiliano tanto por mail como por teléfono y en general son super recomendables, sin duda volvería a a trabajar con ellos.

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