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More and New Ways to Obtain The Spanish Citizenship

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Listen up ! there are more and new ways to obtain the Spanish citizenship. The new Coalition Government has announced its intention to widen the range of options to obtain Spanish citizenship. Specifically, for the children and grandchildren of former Spanish citizens. These descendants will be able to obtain Spanish citizenship at any moment they want; moreover, their Spanish ascendants will not necessarily have to be Spanish of origin.  This is a noticeable change with regards to the current regulation.

Current legislation for the Spanish Citizenship

The standing regulation concerning the acquisition of Spanish citizenship for descendants of Spanish citizens can be found in articles 20.1.b and 20.3 of Spanish Civil Code. 

  • Article 20.1 b requires that the ascendant of the applicant is a parent, who was born in Spain, and Spanish by birth (as per art. 17 of Spanish Civil Code). 
  • Article 20.3 establishes that there is no time limit to apply for Spanish citizenship if the applicant is the child of an original Spaniard born in Spain. 

Current wording of the coalition agreement, and potential reformulations

The Coalition Agreement between the parties of the new government states the following:

Spanish citizenship will be recognised for persons who are descendants of Spanish ancestry born abroad, at any time. These persons may opt for Spanish citizenship in the event that their mothers, fathers, grandmothers or grandfathers acquired the nationality of the host country. This is in addition to the cases of those who lost their citizenship in exile caused by the Civil War and the dictatorship, who will be granted their Spanish citizenship in order to settle this historical debt.

This would extend the concession of Spanish citizenship to grandchildren, and the Spanish ancestor will not have to be original Spanish. Moreover, the ancestor may now have a different citizenship. What this proposal foresees is that the concession of Spanish citizenship through this procedure would be granted to the child or grandchild of anyone who has been Spanish at some point in their life. 

Such a measure may undergo reformulations, especially with regards to maintaining the applicability of this citizenship concession to the current requirement of the ancestor being an original Spanish. 

How can Lexidy help me?

At Lexidy we can assist you through all the steps of the application for the concession of Spanish citizenship. It is our intention to inform our customers as soon as any relevant updates on the matter are disclosed. Get a free consultation and see what we can do for you. 

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