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If your parents are from Spain, you may be eligible for a residence card for children of Spanish citizens.

The main advantage for those who are in the process of obtaining Spanish citizenship, or for those who have already obtained it, is to be able to reunite your children with their roots. You can do this with a residence card for children, more formally known as the Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens.

Family members of EU Citizens or Spanish Citizens are able to apply. This residence card is quite easy to obtain. It is also valid for five years and allows the holder to work as they reside in Spain.

After having resided, continuously and legally, in Spain for 5 years, the holder of the residence card must apply for permanent residence.

Requirements for the application for the Residence Card for Children of Spanish Citizens:

  1. The children must already be in Spain to apply for the Residence Card for Family Members.
  2. You must prove the familial link to the Spanish citizen.
  3. The children and their parents must live together. You must register the same address for the parent and the child. This is done in the Town Hall Census in Spain.
  4. The parents must have sufficient economic means to sustain and support their children. This income can be derived from employment, self-employment or savings.
  5. The parents must provide coverage for health care, either through:
    • public health insurance, because the father can include you as a beneficiary of his social security.
    • or because the child is covered by private health insurance with full coverage.

Requirement for children over 21 years of age:

  1. At the time prior to the meeting with their EU relative in Spain, the children must have lived under the care of the EU before arriving in Spain. Basically, it’s about proving that the children over 21 years old, have no other means of living in their country of origin.

If you or your child meet the requirements, apply for the residence card! According to the law, the Spanish administration has 3 months to resolve the application. However, they usually do not take all of this time to do so.

How can Lexidy help you?

Not only can we inform you of any documentation you will need, we can complete the application on your behalf. We are also able to let you know about anything you should take into consideration regarding specific residence permits and requirements. In summation, we prepare the application and present it in the best way possible. This allows us to increase the chances of approval and a favorable resolution. Please feel free to contact us!

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