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Autónomo in Spain


Working in Spain is always a good choice, even if you want to work for others or on your own. In case you’d like to work on your own, we’d like to give you a few considerations.

Foreigners living in Spain can work as self-employed (autonomo). Although, if you are planning to become one, you should know that the Spanish authorities require such business entrepreneurs to register and pay taxes as well as charge Value Added Tax (VAT) to their customers.

4 things to consider when becoming autonomo in Spain:

  1. Registration Process.

EU/EEA Members that want to become an autonomo in Spain only need to get an NIE. In addition to the NIE, non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals may need a freelance VISA to enter Spain, also a residence permit to stay and work as a self-employed. After that, the aspirant has to register under a special regime for Autonomo’s workers. This process includes a 036 form to get a NIF tax identification number, plus liability insurance (discover here how to get the NIF number).

    2. Fees.

The fee varies according to the contribution base chosen by the autonomous worker. It can be from the minimum to the maximum fixed by the law of the general budget of the State. There is also a flat rate for autonomo in Spain, if certain conditions are met.

    3. Self-employed and working for someone else.

You’ll be able to work for another person as a salaried worker and as a self-employed person; this is called multi-activity. The person can register in two social security schemes and, logically, quote in both.

    4. Deductible Expenses.

All expenses related to professional activity could be deductible. For example, costs for the hiring of professional services as a lawyer or also the electricity if the person works from home.

How Can Lexidy Help you to become autonomo in Spain?

At Lexidy, we will guide you in the entire process to become an Autonomo in Spain. Contact us for a free consultation.

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