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Special Plan for Spanish Citizenship Applications Resolution Ended



This 30th of November the Special Plan for Spanish Citizenship Applications Resolution ended (better known as the shock plan). It consisted of the deployment of additional means by the Spanish Administration, in order to resolve the abundant applications for Spanish Citizenship still pending resolution. 

Affected Applications  for Special Plan for Spanish Citizenship Applications

In general, only the “assessable” applications have been affected by this plan. The word “assessable” refers to all those applications for Spanish nationality by residence that are in a “qualification” status. That is to say, that all the information or all the pertinent documentation is already available in order for the Ministry of Justice to issue the corresponding resolution.

Therefore, all applications that are in a state other than “qualification” have been excluded from this plan. For example, those applications regarding which some type of documentation requirement has been made have been excluded from the special plan. 

However, recently some applications with statuses prior to “qualification” have been nonetheless swiftly resolved.

Fulfilment of the objectives of the special plan

The main objective of the plan (the massive resolution of Citizenship applications) cannot be considered fulfilled, but an overall improvement has indeed been noticeable. 

During the last month, the amount of resolutions has been the lowest since the implementation of the special plan. However, it is quite possible that this is due to the fact that the Administration is preparing a massive mailing of resolutions of citizenship for the next weeks. 

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