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Tips to get a spanish immigration or residency appointment 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At the start of 2018, getting an appointment with an Immigration office is still your main problem when trying to sort out Spanish residency, obtain a NIE number, or get your papers in order.

But fortunately, while things remain quite difficult, the Administrations are starting to become more aware of the problem and they are even releasing some tips that you may find useful.

Here they are:

Appointment Tip 1: Make sure you need an appointment

First of all, make sure that you actually need an appointment. We know this sounds silly but, unfortunately, the instructions are not very clear. The truth is that some types of applications are processed in the Immigration Office without an appointment. So before you try to get an appointment, make sure your application is one of those that is definitely needed.

The form of presentation for all types of applications is indicated in the Procedures Guide of the Office on their website.

Appointment Tip 2: Check on Mondays at 8 am

Appointments, for their part, are booked online, which should make the process easier and faster. If you need an appointment for an application and there are none available at any given time, try to wait until the next Monday at 8:00 AM when more appointments are made available.

Remember in summer periods there are fewer appointments available than the rest of the year.

Appointment Tip 3: Keep screen-grab evidence

What if you tried to reserve an appointment before a deadline but there are none available?

In the case that you have to book the appointment by a certain day due to deadlines – or due to the expiration of a document – then save the screen print that proves that you tried to request an appointment but there were no appointments available.

This evidence should suffice as proof that you tried to obtain one, and the Administrations should assume their guilt.

Appointment Tip 4: Family appointments can save time

Now, the ‘one appointment per family’ rule: there are several applications for which it is enough to just book one appointment for all the family – instead of one for each applicant member. For example, in the case of a residence card for a family member of an EU citizen.

Booking a family appointment can save a huge amount of time and organisation compared with booking separate appointments for everyone.

Appointment Tip 5: Cancel in advance

Finally, if you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel it in advance. And if possible not just the previous day but a few days before, so that another user who needs it can use it.

Appointment Tip 6: Get Lexidy to help!

Of course, there are other tricks and tips to book appointments with the Administrations, but the list would be too long. Try to contact us and we will be glad to guide you through the immigration process, including obtaining an NIE number. And we can help with many other legal aspects of life in Spain, too.[/vc_column_text]

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