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Consequences of the Spanish Shock Plan and the Oath of Nationality

Spanish Shock plan


What are the results and consequences on the Spanish Shock Plan?

One of the innovative measures promoted by the Ministry of Justice this year was the famous “Plan de Choque” (Spanish Shock Plan). The objective of this Plan was to unblock and speed up the resolution of the more than 300,000 unresolved cases of Spanish nationality, by hiring more than one hundred officers with the only competence of resolving these applications.

Consequences of the Spanish Shock Plan

As a result of this recruitment, more than 16,000 files were resolved during the month of September. This is a significant figure if we consider that only 92 files were resolved in December 2018.

The problem with obtaining Spanish nationality does not end with the resolution of the concession, but with the oath of the nationality. 

After the great number of resolutions issued, we now find the collapse in the next step: the oath of nationality.

The fact is that the Spanish Shock Plan has not solved the problem. It has simply transferred it to the entity in charge of the oath of nationality, from the Subdirectorate General of Nationality and Civil Status to the Civil Registry. 

According to the Law, if those who have been granted the Spanish nationality do not take the oath within 180 days after having been notified of the resolution, they have to start the procedure from the beginning and apply again for the Spanish nationality. The current problem is that, due to the collapse of the Spanish administration, many applicants have had their oath postponed beyond 180 days. 

In view of this new problem, a new solution has been provided, and those who obtain an appointment to take the oath after 180 days from the notification of the resolution of the Spanish nationality application, can now receive a stamp that suspends the period established to be able to take the oath.

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At Lexidy we can assist you with all the steps of the application for the Spanish Nationality and inform you about the news in the Shock Plan that has been applied in this kind of procedures. Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

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