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Company Displacement and Residence Permit for Employment in Spain

Success Case in Company Displacement and Residence Permit for Employment in Spain


The client, in this case, is an international company dedicated to the assembling and construction of submarines for scientific, technical or recreational purposes.

Here, we find a company based in the United States willing to open a branch to relocate the construction of maritime vessels to Barcelona. In order to do so, this company required very specific and qualified personnel, such as engineers from Russia and directive profiles from the US. These persons had vast experience and were the only available people who have worked with similar models and who had the necessary knowledge to perform and supervise the company’s project in Spain.

Legal Strategy in Inter-Company Displacement and Residence Permit for Employment in Spain

Lexidy Law Boutique provided all aspects of legal assistance to the client, making sure everything went according to plan:

  • Assistance with the gathering of documents required for the application of the Golden Visa for Intercompany Displacement and the Work and Residency Permit
  • Reviewing of the documentation
  • For the work permit, bypassing the National Situation of Employment, demonstrating that there was no one else available who was able to perform the same duties
  • Submission of all the necessary documentation to obtain the work permit and the Golden Visa for Intercompany Displacement and the Residency Permit for Employment
  • Obtaining the Foreigner’s Identity Card


Lexidy Law Boutique’s lawyers assisted our clients throughout the entire process, resolving any unexpected issues that arose. This is important as there are very strict controls by the Public Administration and all the documentation had to be submitted correctly and precisely.

In addition, the lawyers at Lexidy Law Boutique were always aware of the status of the Residence Permit application process, indicating the steps to be followed by our clients and informing which documents needed to be provided and how to obtain them.

We are happy to report that everything was approved and that the company is fully and successfully operating in Barcelona with the staff they need. 

If this is your case or you have a similar situation, Lexidy Law Boutique will always offer the best solutions for the obtainment of your residence permit for Spain.

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