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spanish golden visa

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The Spanish Golden Visa allows citizens from outside the EU to become Spanish residents (and also to work in Spain) through several routes. One of the most popular paths is through investing in property over 500.000 €.

In this case our clients were Canadian Citizens who had purchased a property in Terrassa for 600.000 € and wished to obtain the Golden Visa Residence Authorisation.

Legal Strategy:

Lexidy assisted them with the obtainment of the necessary documents for the application – and presented everything online for them – performing steps, such as:

  • Requesting the Certificate of Domain and Encumbrances.
  • Finding a suitable private health insurance policy.
  • Explaining the legalisation and translation processes.
  • Establishing the contact with sworn translators.

Since they wanted to apply directly for the 2-year authorisation while already being in Spain, we helped them with a Notary Public appointment to accredit their legal presence in Spain. We also found ways to assist them with the complicated legalisation process for their Canadian documents.

In the end, they were granted their permits within the short deadline of 20 working days and have happily obtained their foreigner identity cards.

Our clients are now happily living in Terrassa in their new property.

If you’re also interested in a Spanish Golden Visa through property investment, or one of the other routes, don’t hesitate to get in touch on the form below for a free consultation.


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