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Filing for a civil partnership in Spain

What is a civil partnership?

This is a process between two people of legal age, who must have lived together as a couple for at least a year. The public authorities and state recognize the union and issue a certificate.

Who is eligible?

  • Any of the members of the de facto union.
  • Their successors in title (Person who succeeds or is subrogated in the rights of another by virtue of a title).
  • Judges and Courts of Justice.

The validity of the certificate issued may be contrasted by the secure verification code printed on it.

How to obtain it in Spain?

A) In-person application:

What you need to present:

  1. ID such as a DNI, passport or residence card.
  2. Proof of payment of the fee.
  3. Declaration of heirs in the event that the applicant is their successor in title.

Where to present it

a) You can file your application with any registration assistance offices of the Community of Madrid, the General State Administration, other Autonomous Communities, Local Entities, post offices and diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain abroad. You must submit the above documentation together with the following link: pdf

b) In the Registry of Factual Unions by appointment request

B) Electronic submission:

To obtain the certificate immediately, prior identification with DNIe or one of the Electronic Certificates recognized by the Community of Madrid is required. The payment of the fee will be made prior to obtaining the certificate. 

Example of the document

  1. Proof of payment of the fee (form 030). It will be submitted on the day of registration in the Registry of Factual Unions.
  2. NIF or NIE, Passport (complete if they are interested) or Residence card (documents that are in force) of the applicants and the witnesses (these last ones can present copy and the day of the inscription to bring the original).
  3. Certification* of the municipal census (issued by the Town Hall of the municipality where they reside). Flyers will not be admitted. Your contribution will not be necessary if it is authorised to be consulted in the application form.
  4. Signed authorization for the consultation of personal data and presentation of the application. The authorisation will only be filled in when the application is presented by a representative.
  5. Proof of emancipation (in the case of minors).
  6. Certificate* of marital status.

How can a lawyer help me?

Our lawyers will advise on the process and necessary documentation for where you want to register as a couple.

We will also review the documents and whether these need to be translated.


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Process of becoming a Stable Couple

On the day of the registration appointment, the members of the common-law union shall appear personally and jointly, in the building of C/ Los Madrazo, 34, ground floor, accompanied by two witnesses of legal age who accredit, by means of an affidavit (it is not necessary to bring the affidavit, this document shall be facilitated by the Registry of Factual Unions), the previous coexistence of the applicants for at least twelve months.

The personal and joint appearance of the members of the union on the day of the appointment will be obligatory, also in those cases in which the appointment was requested telematically.

The maximum capacity of the registration room is eight people (couple and witnesses included), identified by ID card, Passport or valid Residence Card.

* If the documentation is incomplete or incorrect in its entirety, ten working days will be available on the day of your appointment for correction, counted from the day following the registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process is the quickest in Catalonia as a notary manages the process.

No, it does not grant you the right to reside or work.

However, it allows you to provide the registration certificate as proof of the family relationship. This is needed for the application process for the residence and/or work permit.

Yes, you have to go in person. This includes witnesses.

Yes, as long as they are natural persons of legal age.

It takes around two months, although it tends to be longer in Madrid because of the volume of appointments made at the Civil Registry Office.

Yes, as a minimum you will need a birth certificate and a single status certificate.

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