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What is an Artist Visa?

In France, the artist visa is called “Visa de Long Séjour – Passeport Talent – Artiste”. It is a type of visa that allows foreign artists to live and work in France for a specified period of time, typically up to four years.

The”artist talent passport” residence permit/visa is issued for a maximum period of four years to foreign nationals whose professional artistic activity is carried out on French territory for more than three months.

In order to apply for a Talent Passport for Artist visa:

  •  It is necessary to prove that you are a performer or author of a literaly or
    artistic work
  • provide proof of income, mainly from your activity for an amount at least equivalent to 70% of the legal minimum wage in France.

This visa allows you to work both under a freelancer or an employee contract.

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How can a lawyer help me with an Artist Visa?

A lawyer who specializes in immigration law can be a valuable resource when applying for an artist visa in France. Here are some ways in which a lawyer can assist you:

  1. Guidance on the application process: A lawyer can help you understand the requirements and procedures for applying for an artist visa in France, and provide you with guidance on how to prepare and submit your application.

  2. Assessment of eligibility: A lawyer can review your qualifications and assess your eligibility for an artist visa in France. They can advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your application, and suggest ways to improve your chances of success.

  3. Preparation of documentation: A lawyer can assist you in gathering and preparing the necessary documentation to support your visa application, such as letters of recommendation, contracts, and financial statements.

  4. Communication with authorities: A lawyer can act as your representative and communicate with the French authorities on your behalf, helping to ensure that your application is properly processed and that any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

  5. Appeal or legal action: If your application is denied, a lawyer can advise you on your options for appeal or legal action, and represent you in such proceedings.

Overall, a lawyer can provide valuable support and guidance throughout the artist visa application process, helping to increase your chances of success and ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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What are the requirements?

  1. The applicant must show proof of that they have sufficient economic and financial means to cover all the expenses during their planned stay in France.
  2. The individual would need to have travel healthcare insurance with full coverage across France. 
  3. The applicant may also need to submit additional supporting documentation depending on their specific situation and purpose of the stay.

How to obtain an Arist Visa for France?

Leading Immigration

1. Determine your eligibility

Before applying for an artist visa in France, you should determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria. You must be a professional artist or performer with a recognized level of achievement in your field and have a work contract or professional project in France that justifies your stay.

2. Prepare your documentation

You will need to gather and prepare a variety of documentation to support your visa application, including a CV, portfolio, letters of recommendation, proof of financial resources, and a work contract or professional project proposal.

3. Submit your application

You will need to submit your visa application to the French consulate or embassy in your home country, along with all required documentation. You may also be required to attend an interview.

4. Wait for processing

The processing time for an artist visa in France can vary, but it typically takes several weeks to a few months. During this time, the French authorities will review your application and may request additional documentation or information.

5. Receive your visa

If your application is approved, you will receive your artist visa, which will allow you to enter and work in France for the specified period of time.

6. Once in France

The final step requires the applicant to complete all the required formalities to transform your Visa into a residence permit, in order to become a legal resident in France. Depending on the type of Long-Stay Visa you have obtained, the person would need to apply for a residence permit or validate your Visa through an online application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign nationals whose professional artistic activity is carried out on French territory for a period exceeding three months.

Main conditions:
be a performer or author of a literary or artistic work
– justify resources at least equal to 70% of the minimum wage and the majority of which come from their activity;
– not be a threat to public order.

Depending on the Consulate/ Préfecture of your place of residency, it could take from one to several months.

The spouse and children can benefit from the “family talent passport” residence permit to stay and work in France.

If the Visa you have been issued indicates the obligation to apply for a residence permit, then you need to submit your application for a residence permit within two months of your arrival date in France. 

If you have been issued a Long-Stay Visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS), then you only need to validate it within three months of your arrival date in France through an online application in order to become a legal resident in France.

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Eleonore Tavares
External collaborator

Eléonore Tavares de Pinho

Lawyer | Avocate à la Cour

Lawyer | Avocate à la Cour

External collaborator

Eléonore Tavares de Pinho

Born in Senegal to Belgian-Portuguese parents and having lived for several years in various countries, Eléonore quickly became passionate about Immigration legislation. She graduated from the University of la Sorbonne and the University of Florence and obtained a five-year dual degree in Italian and French Law. As an attorney, she chose to work in Immigration Law in order to have real action on the field and help people fulfill their projects.  Deeply convinced that digital technologies can make law and legal services simpler and impact people’s lives in a positive way, Eléonore will always be looking for the most efficient way to meet your needs.

Lawyer | Avocate à la Cour

Lawyer | Avocate à la Cour

Victoire is born and raised French, despite family from all around the world.
She graduated her Masters degree in international law and human rights law,
and believes she did not fall into Immigration law by accident. She is passionate
about helping others transform their dream to move to France into a project,
either professional or familial. She loves her crazy Paris city and the French
countryside, discovering new cultures, and showing off good old France.
Speaking: French and English.

French services are provided in the context of a collaboration between Lexidy and Ms Eleonore TAVARES, a lawyer registered in France.

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