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Visitor Visa in France

Visitor In Spain

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To obtain a French visitor visa, it is wise to have a lawyer by your side. Someone with the knowledge to guide you in every step of the application process. Sure, you have heard about the benefits of such visas. But what about the necessary diligence to get you there?

That said, the visitor visa (like others) certainly requires a process. One that is easily manageable with proper guidance and assistance of a lawyer.

Given the number of citizens from different countries that are interested in applying for a visitor residence permit, we have prepared this guide to help you understand how we can help you:

Consulates issues when obtaining a visitor visa

On many occasions, the different Consulates do not perform the procedure correctly. Sometimes, they neither value the documentation provided with your application accurately. Therefore, we ensure that they respect our client’s rights.

There are many requirements and details on the procedure. And these are often not written either in the law or on the websites of the Consulates. Each Consulate may have additional requirements or have specifications to obtain a visitor visa. Having a lawyer specializing in these types of applications is beneficial. This is due to the fact that lawyers have experience with different consulates and may know specific requirements of the one in particular, which are not written anywhere!

Our lawyers will handle all the procedures prior to your arrival in France.

Responses from Consulates

We know the difficulties of receiving responses from the Consulates. They generally attend with higher priority the inquiries from lawyers representing cases. Meanwhile, they ignore those made by the applicants themselves. For this reason, we avoid you headaches and save you time to obtain your visitor visa!

Especially when the applicant includes his/her family members. In these cases, the amount of financial means to be accredited is considerably higher, in order to reach the amount referred to in the regulations.

Guidance during the process of obtaining a visitor visa

The guidance during the process before & after coming to France, such as the following:

  • How to show the economic means: As many clients requesting this type of residency permit have their own source of income in their country of origin. There is a general rule on the need to accredite the disposal of sufficient financial means for the maintenance of applicants. However, each French Consulate may establish particular requirements on how to present bank documents.
  • Visa appointment: Depending on the Consulate that corresponds to you, you must request an appointment to present your application for the visitor visa or not.
  • Assistance: Essential to obtain the residency permit card once you have arrived in our country.

We recommend that you start your procedure with a specialist lawyer. They will advise you and facilitate the procedure of obtaining your visitor visa (Click here for a Specialist Lawyer). For this, we must previously assess the viability of the case and the fulfillment of your requirements as established in the regulations.

How can Lexidy help you obtain a visitor visa?

Our job is not only to let you know the documentation you have to present and do the application for the visitor visa on your behalf. As more applications come and go, we find out if the Administration has changed any of their criteria. Moreover, we let you know about things you should take into consideration with these specific work permits.

In summation, we prepare the application to be presented in the best way possible. And with this, the chances for the obtainment of an approval resolution increase.

Please feel free to contact us!

How Can We help you?

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How Can We help you?