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residence permit spain

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As you probably know, if you are a student expat in Spain, Spanish Immigration Law experienced some significant changes during September 2018 due to the recent change of Government, which wishes to make everything a bit more foreigner-friendly.

Besides other change, a new and interesting residence permit Spain, called Job Search Residence Permit, was introduced. Basically, anyone who has recently obtained a degree during their stay as a student can apply for a one-year residence permit, during which they can look for job opportunities.

Controversy on the Job Search Resident Permit

We are not here to discuss the specifics of the permit, however, but the chaos that was created when said permit was approved in a rush, without any clear instructions to the Immigration Offices from the Government’s part. During the first weeks and months, thousands of requests were issued, based only on a few lines of the new Law. Contacting Immigration Offices would always result in them explaining that they had not yet received any instructions from the Government and, thus, they were not yet able to inform on the criteria under which they had to resolve the applications.

Application for the Job Search Resident Permit

For our first applications, we always made sure to inform our clients that the permit was new and that there was no experience from our part and, for that matter, from anyone in Spain, and that we would essentially be going blind. Thus, we presented our applications trying to follow the instructions of the Law as closely as possible.

Finally, long after the 20-day term the Law establishes for the Administration to answer, we received the first approval ever for the Job Search Residence Permit, even before any of our colleagues in Barcelona or Madrid that had presented their applications first were approved.

How can Lexidy Help?

We consider that the clarity of the application that was presented with our assistance and our precise interpretation of the Law were key factors in the success of the application and think that the rest will be easier now that we have seen our first success case in this regard. Contact us and get a free consultation!


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