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Are qualifications enough for a Golden Visa in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today we are addressing one of the main aspects of the Golden Visa for Highly Qualified Professionals, which is the possibility for “graduates and post-graduates of universities and business schools of recognized prestige” to be considered as eligible by the (usually quite high) standards of the visa.

This sounds very simple on paper, since it may look like all you need to do to apply for a Golden Visa is to hold a degree or any other superior title from one of those universities. Or, if you’re hiring someone then they just need to hold a good degree.

As always, there are many things not directly stated by the Law which can only be learned in practice.

Some good news!

First, the good news: when the Law refers to schools of “recognized prestige”, it is not referring only to Ivy League level universities or such, which would massively limit the applications.

Should you, or someone you’re hiring, hold a degree in any university or superior school that is recognised at an international level, you will be fine in that regard.

But now, some bad news…

The bad news is that the degree will not guarantee eligibility. Actually, a more appropriate name for the visa would be “Highly Skilled Positions” instead of “Professionals”, since what falls under the scrutiny of the Administration is more the position to be covered.

Of course, this does not mean that they will not also look into the qualifications but they will place more emphasis on examining the relevance of the job that is being offered. 

So it’s the actual job that’s most important?

The explanation is simple: it does not matter if you hold every possible degree and are the most qualified individual in the world; your application must involve a job that entails a relevant application of your skills and knowledge.

This is why any job that may require a Golden Visa – must also require attached qualifications. In short; it would not make sense to hire an engineer to work in customer service, and such an application would get rejected.

This is why the most important aspect when applying for a Highly Qualified visa is to focus on the position that is offered. Make sure that you are able to connect the skills you need covered to your actual qualifications – or those of your applicant – and you might be able to convince the Administration that it is worth it to hire a foreign talent.

Can Lexidy help me obtain a Golden Visa as a highly skilled person – or help me with the hiring process?

Of course!

One of the messages we are trying to convey in this post is that, predictably, talking to the administrations and making them understand your situation is difficult. By contacting us, you can benefit from our experience and drastically increase the chances of an approval.

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