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You might be planning to enter Spain. Maybe, you already hold a stay and residence permit. You wish to carry out training, research, development and innovation activities in public or private entities. If so, you might have the chance to obtain the so-called “Training, Research, Development and Innovation Residence Visa” if you fulfill certain legal requirements.

This specific permit includes, among others, cases such as: Professors hired by universities or high education centers established in Spain; Scientific/technical personnel who carry out scientific research; Researchers hosted under an agreement by public or private research organizations, etc.

Do you consider that your professional or academic situation might fit in one of those scenarios? We can help you to ensure that you comply with those legal requirements. The great advantage is that this is the first time in Spain’s history in which a residence visa is established for such purposes.

If so, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may opt for two different modalities of visa:

  1. The residence permit for EU research (a foreigner who hold a doctorate or an equivalent qualification selected to carry out research activities).
  2. Residence permit for national research (other cases mentioned above).

First, we evaluate in which of both modalities your case might fit. The next step is just about checking and ensuring that all the legal general requirements are in order. Some of them are: the characteristics of the contract document, age and residential status of the applicant, Insurance, etc.). If they’re okay, we can start the application of your process with celerity.

We will also assist you during the application process to make it smooth and free of complications or misleading situations. We will also keep in touch with the pertinent host University, Entity or research organism if necessary, managing the whole process once the application is admitted. Making all the process is as comfortable and comprehensible as possible to you.

Let Lexidy help you get your residence visa for training:


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