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Portugal Officially Becomes a Digital Nomad Country

Women relaxing on the beach with laptop in POrtugal

Digital Nomads are taking over the new world of work, and they’ve been in Portugal for a while now. Worldwide, governments have been creating special visas for long-stay remote workers. Those have labeled themselves as Digital Nomads. The work+travel trend has grown tremendously since 2020. Portugal was already a top-choice destination for Digital Nomads, even establishing a Digital Nomad Village in the autonomous region of Maderia. However, now it’s officially offering a Nomad Visa.

The implementation of Law no. 18/2022, published in the Portuguese official journal, Diário da República, on August 25, 2022, changes the legal regime for the entry, stay, exit, and expulsion of foreigners from the country. As a result, Portugal creates a special visa.

Madeira, Digital Nomad village in Portugal.
Madeira, Digital Nomad village in Portugal.
Portugal Officially Becomes a Digital Nomad Country

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Under this new visa, targeting Digital Nomads, a residence visa is granted to employees and independent professionals (freelancers/entrepreneurs). In order for them to exercise their professional activities remotely while residing in Portugal. Applicants must be employees or operate in a company headquartered outside of Portugal. Moreover, they need to give proof of such.

The temporary stay and/or residence visa for remote workers is initially valid for two entries into Portuguese territory. Besides, it allows a stay duration for a period of less than one year — or, even the establishment of residence in Portugal, respectively.

What you need to apply for the Visa

To obtain a residence permit, employees and independent professionals will have to submit documents attesting to their fiscal residence. As well as proof that their average monthly income over the last three months was higher than four Portuguese minimum wages. That is, a salary of about 2.820,00€. For those who are employees, they need to show an employment contract or a statement from their employer, proving the employment relationship.

Appliance for this temporary stay or residence visa for digital nomads will be available on October 30th, 2022. You will apply at the Portuguese Consulates or the Foreigners and Borders Service.

But what’s so great about Portugal?

Well… everything! Portugal is a top-choice European destination and has been for some time. Beyond the gorgeous landscape mixed with rugged mountains, natural beaches, farmlands and lively urban areas, Portugal offers residents a very affordable life. It is heavy on tax incentives like no-tax on worldwide income or cryptocurrency. Therefore, the country is attractive to both the middle and wealthy class. Property costs are relatively low if we compare them to European counterparts, but especially in comparison to the U.S. and Canada. Foreigners are able to maneuver through Portugal without knowing the language and can find English study options at all grade levels. Life in Portugal has an ease to it. Progressive working conditions offer a true work-life balance, radical drug decriminalization in the early 2000’s has led to a reformed criminal system, and overall the country is exceptionally safe. 

When it comes to immigration, Portugal opens its doors to foreigners and offers plenty of options to obtain a visa and residency. The Golden Visa program is often the ticket for many who wish to obtain permanent citizenship, but other pathways make living here possible. 

Digital nomads have been in Portugal for awhile now, Lisbon, Porto, Ponta do Sol, Lagos and the aforementioned Madeira are only a few cities which have already been accommodating the long-stay travelers. Co-working spaces and internet cafes pepper throughout Lisbon and Porto and are popping up in plenty of other areas. Overall, it’s a great place for nomads to not drain their bank accounts while also thoroughly enjoying themselves. Portugal offers plenty to do along with great weather, food, culture and landscapes. On the flip side, the country benefits from long-stay travelers injecting money into the economy without absorbing local jobs. This new visa simply makes matters easier and more legal. 

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