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We consider that the Golden Visa Project in Spain has been successful so far. There’s been plenty of approvals. However, the recent increase in the number of applications has led to the inability of the Administration to keep up.

Because of this extreme increase in workload, human resources are being increased as well. The situation has resulted in the discretionary requirements getting way harsher than usual. That lead to more rejections than ever.

Accelerating the Golden Visa Applications results

After many complaints from the Lawyers Bar Associations and other organisms, it looks like the Government is finally taking measures to face the new wave of applications.

  • They reportedly hired 40 new people at the start of 2019. We also have the news of a recent decision of the Council of Ministers of Spain.
  • They plan to introduce new agreements between the Large Businesses and Collectives Unit (aka the Golden Visa Administration) and the Spanish Ministry of Work, who is their ultimate superior, which should result in smoother processes.

Basically, they refer to “the need, in light of the increased movement of people, to add new personnel with international experience and to make several administrative decisions to speed up the administrative processing and ease the resolution of the presented applications.

As of now, this is a very basic decision and only establishes the very basics of what is to come. Besides this, we consider it a step in the right direction in light of the urgent need to make Golden Visas accessible again with reasonable requirements.

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