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Tips for your Spanish Lease Agreement

Tips for your Spanish Lease Agreement

Have you found an interesting job offer in Spain but have nowhere to stay? Or maybe you fancy a change of scenery. Perhaps you’re planning to test living in a certain area, but you aren’t ready to make the full commitment of buying property. Any of these scenarios sound like your current situation? Long term tenancy agreements are for you.

A long term housing rental contract is a type of lease agreement, regulated by Article 2 of the Spanish Urban Leasing Law. This refers to renting properties for residential use, houses which a tenant will live in for a long period of time. 

Currently, these habitual residence contracts last up to five years (seven in particular cases), and can then be extended for an additional three years if both parties agree. Canceling a long term lease housing contract can result in a compensation of one months rent, considering the remaining months of the year. 

Spanish Lease Agreement
Rent a flat with a terrace overlooking Barcelona

Best areas to live in Spain 2022

So, what are the best Spanish cities to live in 2022? This is a frequently asked question by people looking to relocate to Spain. The answer really depends on your needs, lifestyle and personal preferences. 

Nomad Nation has ranked cities based on factors such as: 

  • Cost of living
  • Health care
  • Weather conditions
  • Safety 
  • Family life

Here is a list suggesting Spain’s best places to live and work:

CityMonthly cost of livingCost of rent
1Tenerife$1264/ month$578/month
2Madrid$2297/ month$833/month
3Malaga$1557/ month$675/month
4Bilbao$1968/ month$842/month
5Ibiza$2659/ month$904/month

Nomad Nation 2022. “Best places to live in Spain.”

Now let’s analyze this list…. Ranking at #1 is Tenerife — a volcanic paradise, enjoying a beautiful climate year round. Surrounded by the sea, yet a city that is quite economic. 

In the #2 spot we have Madrid, the capital of Spain. Rich in culture, Madrid offers great job opportunities for expats and is one the safest cities in Spain. Though the cost of living is slightly higher here in comparison to other Spanish cities. 

In the 3rd and 4th spot we have Malaga and Bibao, both large cities enriched by the presence of the sea, each enjoying a strong artistic scene. 

Finally, there is Ibiza, the “White Island” widely known city with a worldwide reputation as a major party place. Ibiza is a choice destination for celebrities visiting its crystal clear waters, but it is a pricey choice. 

Regardless of which Spanish city you choose, you can always take a holiday to visit the other destinations. Visits can be a great way to determine where you’d like to set your roots. While each city has it’s own unique characteristics, there is one factor they all have in common — they are walkable, and generally public transportation through Spain is excellent. Throughout Spain, you’ll find plenty of activities and cultural events for young professionals, families and retired people alike.  

beautiful property in Spain
A bright and swanky Spanish flat awaits you!

Consider Costs

The main factor most of us consider when deciding where to rent is of course, cost. Cost of living in general and the cost of monthly rent itself are equally important. Spain’s larger cities, Barcelona in particular, have a higher average cost of living. Even the islands feel a cost influx in the summer months. The average cost of a 3-bedroom flat in the centre of Barcelona ranges from 1500 to 2000 EUR. 

Rent costs vary greatly according to the type of dwelling: villa, penthouse, studio, 2+ bedroom flat, and the distance from the city centre. Other variables are more dependent on the city specifically and the neighborhood within. For example, the Recoletos district in Madrid has the highest average price in all of Spain. Several Andalusian cities and the San Sebastian area are also significantly expensive.

facade of buildings in centre of madrid
Consider leasing a flat in the centre of Madrid

5 tips on tenancy agreement

For those seeking to enter a long term contract, we highly recommend consulting with a lawyer to do a formal analysis of the contract and draft additional clauses to protect the tenant. It’s always a good idea to verse yourself on the rules and regulations which apply to you and your rental property to ensure your own protection.   

Keep the following points in mind as you analyze a lease agreement for habitual residence:

Completeness and clarity: the rental agreement must be clear to anyone reading it. You should always try to avoid open-ended clauses that leave room for interpretation: this is as much to protect the landlord as it is to protect the tenant, in order to avoid any unnecessary loss of time and future disputes.

Customisation: model tenancy agreements are not one-size-fits-all forms valid for all landlords in the country. It is often necessary to customise the model to suit individual needs and state and local laws.
Always check the condition of the dwelling: it is always a good idea to check the safety of every room in the new dwelling. There should be no unsafe elements. Ensure the electrical system must be up to standard and similar components. Ask the owner for all relevant information, including the functionality of every structure and appliance already present. Also check the condition of the home, in case it is dirty, has an insect infestation or other unpleasantness.

Study and be informed about the neighborhood: always personally assess the location of the dwelling. Check the  nearby services, such as: bus stops, car parks, shopping centres; and the quality of the neighbors.

Don’t just trust what the owner tells you: checking the property register to see if there are any mortgages or foreclosures on the house is a good way to avoid nasty surprises later on. 

Lexidy has you covered

A long term lease is a plausible and convenient option for anyone wishing to settle in a specific area without the commitment of buying a property.  

Lexidy experts can help you with due diligence, drafting and negotiating with the agency or landlord, guaranteeing assistance throughout the entire process. We help clients secure tenancy efficiently. 

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