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Keep studying in Spain by renewing the Student Visa

Student in Spanish University

Spain has one of the best educational systems in Europe and most young adults wish to continue studying here. This is possible by renewing an existing student visa. If you are in Spain on a Student Visa and you wish to extend it in order to keep on carrying out your studies in Spain, you will have to follow the procedure that we will explain now. 

In general, the requirements do not differ from the initial application for a student visa. However, it would be wise to repeat them. Most of the information could be found in open-source from the Spanish government but large clarification is needed.  

Among the requirements, you must mainly fulfil the following:

  • The accreditation of disposing of health insurance for Spain;
  • The accreditation that you have passed the tests to continue your studies or continue with non-work practices or volunteering services;
  • The accreditation of disposing of sufficient economic means in order to maintain yourself in Spain. 

The application for renewal is presented online, and we can do it on your behalf with our digital certificate. The application has to be presented within 60 days before the expiration of your current TIE. Also, you can present the application within 90 days after the expiration of your TIE, but in that case, you may receive a fine. The Spanish administration has 3 months to resolve the application, and during this period, you will be able to accredit that your legal status in Spain has been extended, by presenting the receipt of the application for the extension of the Student Visa. 

Regarding documentation, you will have to present the proper forms together with the student visa renewal requests the proper forms must be presented together with the fee payment receipt, and identity documents in force (passport), as well as the documentation from your educational center that states that you have passed all the tests and are able to continue with your studies there. You will also need to submit the corresponding health insurance certificate and bank documents. The most important requirement is that you can prove that you meet the specific requirements for the activity for which you were authorised to stay in Spain.

In case of a favourable response, the student must request the foreign identity card (TIE) at the police station assigned to your place of residence.

After the whole procedure, student visa renewal has a long list of benefits you already aware of. We wish you enjoy your time in Spain for longer!

We hope all questions were answered. If you need something to clarify, feel welcome to contact our lawyers anytime. 

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How can a lawyer help me with Visa Renewal?

At Lexidy we can assist you along the entire process, as well as clarify any inquiries you may have regarding documentation or deadlines. In case you do not have a student visa and are interested in acquiring one, we are also eager to help. 

Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you. We are eager to help you get established and enjoy your residence in Spain.

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