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Spain is a large economy of the European Union and trading activities are also important here. Foreigners who are interested in opening a company in Spain in this field should know that the activities may increase in the following years, as a consequence of a large infrastructure project related to the access to the Spanish ports.

Import-Export Companies in Spain

Import-export activities represent a vital aspect of any economy. They ensure numerous commercial relations with various states and provide a way through which local products can be sold on other markets. At the same time, foreign companies have the opportunity to provide products or services which are not common on the internal market.

Infrastructure project in Spain

Foreign businessmen interested in the opportunities that may arise on the Spanish market in the field of import-export activities must know that a EUR 850 million infrastructure project will provide a better access to the Spanish ports. It aims at the development of the land access to the local ports, through a new railway system.
Those interested in company formation in Spain related to this field will have full access to the new infrastructure project in approximately five years.

Main points of the Spanish infrastructure project 

The project will give new access to several major Spanish ports. For example, an investment of EUR 150 million will be made to improve the access to the Barcelona port.
Another region that will benefit from the effects of the investment plan is La Cabezuela, Cadiz.
Investors who are taking into consideration the company registration in Spain should also know that the trading operations performed by train increased at a high pace in the last years. Since 2013, the activities grew by 43%. This year, the overall railway activity is expected to reach 16.2 tonnes.

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