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How to bring your pet to EU?

Travel to EU with Pet

For pet lovers, moving abroad can be more stressful. The good thing is that your pet does not need a visa to get into the EU. However, there are some general requirements for your pet’s immigration process that you need to be aware of. 

The guideline below will help you start the process and gather the general documents required. The EU rules make it easy to travel within the EU member states and cover travel to the EU from a country or territory outside of it. 

Requirements for EU travel with your pet

Therefore, the general requirements are the following: 

  • The pet needs to have a microchip (in line with the technical requirements of Annex II of the EU Regulation on the movement of pets) or have a readable tattoo. Owners have to take care of this before or at the same time as their rabies vaccination. 
  • Owners need to vaccinate their pet against rabies. Your vet needs proof that your pet is at least 12 weeks old before vaccinating them. Besides, you must wait 21 days after the first vaccination before you travel. 
  • Owners need to trear their pet against the tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis. This applies if your destination area is free from this tapeworm as of today (Finland, Ireland, Malta, Norway, and Northern Ireland).
  • The pet needs a valid European pet passport when traveling from an EU country to another EU country. This also applies for trips from or to Northern Ireland. If travelling from a non-EU country, they need an EU animal health certificate.
4 Requirements to travel to EU with Pets

What is a Pet EU Passport?

Regarding the European pet passport, this is a document with an EU standard that contains a description and details of your pet and your personal information. This document is valid for life as long as the rabies vaccination is updated. You can obtain this document for your dog, cat, or ferret with any authorized vet. Only if this one is permitted by the relevant authorities to issue pet passports.

EU Animal Health Certificate

The EU animal health certificate is another document with specific information about your pet. An official State vet issues this document in the country of departure not more than ten days before your pet arrives in the EU. It is valid to travel between EU countries for four months from this date or until the anti-rabies vaccination expires, whichever lapses first.

You must also complete and attach a written declaration to your pet’s EU animal health certificate . This declaration needs to state that its relocation is for non-commercial reasons. 

This declaration is also required if your pet is traveling under the responsibility of a person authorized by you. In this case, your pet must be reunited with you within five days of your relocation.

**Do not forget to talk to your vet to ensure your pet is healthy and has all the support necessary to travel safely. You also need to check the specific rules for the airline you will be traveling with. 

We believe this will help you start the process of moving your dog abroad. Your pet also deserves the best that Europe can give, right? 

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