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Extension of air traffic

The members of the European Council agreed on 17 March 2020 to apply, for a period of 30 days, a temporary restriction on non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and Schengen associated countries. The agreement was aimed at limiting the spread of the COVID-19 contagion. Spain applied this agreement by means of Order INT/270/2020, of 21 March, establishing criteria for the application of a temporary restriction on non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and Schengen associated countries for reasons of public order and public health, on the occasion of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

After assessing the pandemic, the European Commission recommended an extension until 15th May, and now it has been extended at least until May the 24th.

In this respect, any third-country national will be refused entry on grounds of public policy or public health, unless they belong to one of the following categories:

  1. Usual residents in the European Union, in the Schengen associated States or Andorra, who go directly to their place of residence.
  2. Registered as resident in Spain or going directly to their place of residence in another Member State, Schengen Associated State or Andorra.
  3. The spouse of a Spanish citizen or partner with whom they maintain a relationship analogous to a conjugal union registered in a public registry, and those ascendants and descendants who depend on them, provided that they travel with them or to join them.
  4. Holders of a long-stay visa issued by a Member State or Schengen associated State to the latter.
  5. Cross-border workers.
  6. Health or elderly care professionals going to or returning from work 
  7. Personnel engaged in the transport of goods in the course of their work. 
  8. Diplomatic and consular staff.
  9. Persons travelling for imperative family reasons, duly accredited.
  10. Persons who provide documentary evidence of force majeure or distress, or whose entry is permitted on humanitarian grounds.
  11. This restriction will be in force until midnight on 24 May 2020, without prejudice, where appropriate, to any extensions that may be agreed.

Note that the Consulates around the world tend to introduce their own requirements.

In addition, from May 15th, all foreigners entering Spanish territory must be placed in strict quarantine in Spain from the day after their arrival.

During this period of fourteen days, the travellers must remain in their home or accommodation, and must limit his trips to activities such as:

  • Acquiring food, pharmaceutical products and basic necessities.
  • Assistance to health centres, services and establishments.
  • For reasons of force majeure or situation of need.

Any type of travel made during these fourteen days will require the use of a mask.

The health authorities will be able to contact the people who are carrying out the quarantine in order to follow it up. In any case, in the event of symptoms such as fever, cough, respiratory distress, general malaise or other symptoms of a suspected case of Covid-19, the quarantined persons must contact the health services by telephone on the numbers provided by the Autonomous Communities.

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