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Know Your Laws Program - Madrid 2018

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It never quite feels like home when you have just arrived in a new country, does it?

This is because it takes time to integrate. But the Community of Madrid has just offered an innovative training program: ‘Know your Laws’ (‘Conoce tus Leyes’). Its idea is to provide knowledge about Spanish society and speed-up the integration of foreigners living in Spain.

Who can access this program?

It is fully available to anyone interested in the Centres for Participation and Integration of Immigrants (CEPI), as well as those in the local Town Halls that want to benefit from the new initiative.

All attendees will receive a Participation Diploma that will certify the completion of the training modules. This certificate can even be attached to residence applications or renewals of your authorizations, where appropriate.

How is the program structured and how much does it cost?

The program is free and – at the time of writing – available to all foreigners living in the Community of Madrid. To obtain this diploma, it will be necessary to have completed the four modules of the program.

The 4 modules, are:

  • Constitutional Framework,
  • Tools for access to employment,
  • Spanish Immigration regulation, especially:
    • Applicable regulations,
    • Rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain,
    • Residence and work permits,
    • Authorization for exceptional circumstances: ‘Arraigo’,
    • Documentation (NIE and TIE),
    • Spanish nationality etc.
  • Resources for your integration.

At Lecuidy, we are very excited about this initiative and we believe that it can offer great support to many of our readers.

How do I sign-up?

Anyone interested can register at the Immigrant Participation Centres of the Community of Madrid. For more information, you can contact the telephone number 012.

And if you need any other help with Spanish residency or the legal aspects of living in Spain as a foreigner then you can, of course, contact us and we’ll help. We can help with all aspects of settling in Spanish society, from opening a bank account, to getting NIE numbers and starting a business – and more![/vc_column_text][vc_raw_html]

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