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unmarried partner

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The client, in this case, is an international couple who decided to come to live in Barcelona for work reasons but also because Barcelona is such an attractive city to live in.

Nowadays, it is quite typical the members of the couple are from different countries and want to live in different countries than their own.

Here, we find a European citizen from Portugal who met his partner in Ecuador during his holiday trip. After some dates and some time at a distance, and some meetings in their countries of origin, they decided to take the plunge and move to live in Barcelona.

Legal Strategy

Lexidy Law Boutique provided all aspects of legal assistance to the client, making sure everything went according to plan:

• NIE (Foreign Identification Number)
• An unmarried partner, an establishment in Public Deed before Notary Public
• Census registration
• Submission of all the necessary documentation to obtain the Residence Permit in the office of the corresponding Public Administration.
• Obtaining the Foreigner’s Identity Card.

Lexidy Law Boutique’s lawyers assisted our clients throughout the entire process, resolving any unexpected issues that arose. This is important as there are very strict controls by the Public Administration and all the documentation must be submitted correctly and precisely.

In addition, the lawyers at Lexidy Law Boutique are always aware of the status of the Residence Permit application process, indicating the steps to be followed by our clients.

We are happy to report that everything was successfully approved and the unmarried partner is now living happily together in Barcelona.

If this is your case or similar, at Lexidy Law Boutique, SLP we offer you all the services you need to obtain your Residence Permit. Get in touch for a free consultation below:

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