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Can I purchase a property in Spain during the crisis?

buy a property remotely

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Antonio considers working with international markets to be the best part of being an English Speaking lawyer in Madrid.  At Lexidy, he is assisting the Corporate & Real Estate Department with special focus in Immigration Law. He also assists the French desk. Languages: English, Spanish & French.

You can contact him directly at t@lexidy.com


Get started today and be prepared  to purchase a property in Spain once the situation returns to normal.

The health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has paralysed thousands of property sales in Spain. Only those transactions with mortgage deeds that are of extreme urgency will be signed before a notary public during the state of alert. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to postpone all the procedures regarding the acquisition process itself. For those who are looking for a new home, now is a good time for us, as your legal representatives to contact the sellers and resolve doubts about the desired property without any rush.

With this blog post we aim to provide a guide to purchase a property   with or without a mortgage during these troubling times

Investing in Real Estate during  the coronavirus crisis

Real estate portals are still 100% available through all their different platforms (web, mobile, apps), providing the option to peruse the product and to take advantage of all their benefits (photos, descriptions, details, etc.) to make a list of properties that you like or are interested in. Upon your description, we could prepare that list for your review as part of our services.

Don’t hesitate to contact the sellers of the properties you are interested in and let us know if you wish for us to act them on your behalf. In fact, we highly recommend doing so. Although you cannot visit the property, you can solve doubts that allow you to get to know the property better: you can receive more photographs from the real estate agency or the owner, clarify the state of maintenance of the property or its availability and get as much information as possible that is not always detailed in the advertisement. You can even consider a negotiation on the sale price. These managements are included in the due diligence report that we provide to our customers covering all the aspects to be borne in mind before they commit to signing the public deed of purchase..

In the meantime we wait for this situation to come to an end. If you are keen on any specific property, we can ask for a simple note of the property registry, the community fees or if it has any current or planned expenses. We can also get to know more about the public services the area has to offer, if there is a gym or any supermarkets nearby, transport facilities etc. A fundamental part of the decision when buying a property depends on its surroundings.

Find out what the purchase entails, not only the outlay but also the mortgage payment (more on this aspect later), the cost of moving, buying furniture, refurbishing if necessary, etc.).

It is important to know that, if the purchase of the property is made without a mortgage, it is possible to avoid signing it before a notary: the purchase of a house can be made in a private document and then be made public (before a notary). However, from a legal point of view we don’t recommend proceeding this way because of the lower guarantees and security offered by an agreement between parties without the intervention of a notary. 

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Purchase a property with a mortgage 

We can help you to compare different offers from banks and independent brokers. Even more, you can make an online application to see if the bank will eventually grant your mortgage. Despite this option, keep in mind that banks do not give 100% valid approvals until they have checked all your personal data attached with documentation of the property once it has been duly appraised. 

Whether you already have the chosen property, or you have not yet decided on a specific one, you can start a mortgage application. You can talk to the bank managers remotely, so they can help you understand their offers better and compare them. It would be our pleasure to act as intermediaries between you and the banks in order to find the best match for you.

The appraisers still work, even if they have some limitations when visiting the properties, so if you have already decided on a bank, you can move forward with this part of the process, which usually takes a few days.

When it comes to the formalisation, the process is mostly paralysed at the moment. On the one hand, because most banks require the opening of a personal bank account for which you have to personally attend to sign on the other hand because the notaries are only available in cases of proven urgency, and always with the corresponding appointment.

To sum up, despite the confined situation we are living in, there are still many steps that can be taken from home to advance the search for a property and to ensure that the purchase will move forward in a smooth way once the restrictions are loosened.


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